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United - Season 24


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Its basically semi's then finals.

How about the rest of you?

How do you solve a problem like 'Not Scoring' - Easy put Dave and Mitch the titch up front. Mitch post up the compilation of our scoring masterclass.

Everyone wants to be at United


Chu Chu Chris



Graham Dunn




even Wincho had pangs for his old club and then couldn't find the door when he wanted to leave.

Dunno what happened to Baring - he set a new record of rage quitting before we even started a game.........

We are well on the way to Division 8 boys.

Safari ... so goody.......Only Mitch will get that......amazing

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How do you solve a problem like 'Not Scoring' - Easy put Dave and Mitch the titch up front. Mitch post up the compilation of our scoring masterclass.

We are well on the way to Division 8 boys.

Safari ... so goody.......Only Mitch will get that......amazing

I'll have a look tomorrow, but if it has saved it will take me a good few hours to edit all of them. The sheer volume of them.

As for Safari's, do you know why you can get the Africa by sea, but trains don't?

Because Botswana. Aha!


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Not 100% on the line up for tonight (we may sladie we may have carlopsie) so please post here if you can't play.

We are missing Dave so formation wise I am thinking 4-4-2 classic Diamond






Mitch as the Any.

Essentially I want human players down the spine of the team so we have cover at the back, and link up through the middle and hopefully taking our chances up top.

sladie - Keep an eye on the back line and try not to play the opposition on side, Mitch will be taking the Any as he will mainly be shepherding the rest of the back line, I will leave it to the two of you to sort out roles but my suggestion was you stay put in the middle, blocking shots and crosses whilst mitch takes the "action man" role of putting in the tackles. You are both pro's so I have the upmost faith

Dylan - key thing to remeber is you are a midfielder so spend the majority of your time in the midfeld, I need you helping out when we are under attack (fall back until they are in our half and then press the ball holder, don't over commit, I would rather you do not put a tackle in are blocking their options than lunging in and being left behind if the attacker skins you). In attack try to give us some width and whip balls in where possibe but I don't expect you find you in the box as a 3rd striker

Bleeders - similar to Dylan but with more attacking intent, you need to be linking up midfield with attack, helping out by harrying the ball carrier when defeinding and spen you time between half way line and the oppositions box when in attack. You are the playmaker so always be looking to feed the strikers and play them in rather than powering into the box leaving a gap behind you. We need you sitting just outside picking up any stray balls coming out of the opposition box and setting things up again

Baring & Meerkat - Score. (remember all teams will need to have any's and most will probably have them in their back line so try to exploit this as much as possible)

What I am looking for is balance, if everyone plays in their part of the pitch then we will do better than people losing position and leaving gaps. Tonight we face Athletic who look to have a strong defence and midfield with the obvious goal threat being Outside, we need to stay organised and win the midfield battle if we can so we can give out forwards decent service.

Lets do this.

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Captain America has turned up, excellent :) let's do this!

Shall the strikers go little n large? My stats ain't great so I could make him as tall n strong as possible and just hang around the box? Meerkat can have the midget to run everywhere.

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Big/little worked really the other night when me and Dave were on_fire_. Gives me something to aim at too, with goal kicks. Try not to make him too big though, as he'll lose strength. 6f2 I think is the sweet spot? Check the stats as you increase/decrease his height.

I'll try and get on a bit early, see if we can scrape getting promotion quickly before the first game.


Oh, and Sladie, if you do play, be sure to make your guy/pick RCB, as my pro is a lefty.

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Played fuckers! 3 points is a great nights work.

Sladie, props for coming in and keeping a clean sheet in the first. We defended quite well, I think.

Cheers again Dylan for helping get us up to Div 8, I could really tell the difference as the any.

Lovely pea shooter Bleeds. I knew it was in as soon as I passed it to you.


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Good start I thought, we look solid in both games and, whilst not wanting to take away from Athletic, I think the switch to attacking formation screwed us for those mad 10 minutes at the end of game two and we might have been able to grab a point.

Next week we will have dave back so we should have a fully manned midfield and attack which should make things even tighter.

One bit of feedback is I think we are trying to force our attack a little early, our players are more pony and thorough bread so I never going to score from a through ball played 20 yards back. We didn't do this all the time but we do need to be building play a little more, getting closer to the goal where we have more chance of scuffing a pea roller into the net. With more players on next week that is hopefully something we can improve upon

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Also get some crosses in, more 'X' passes to feet especially around the box area and take time on throw ins to make sure it goes to our player.

That is all :)

Also the defending last night was superb stuff.

Guys the above reads like Baring didn't rage quit...what went wrong

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How have people got no headsets when the PS4 came out 2 months ago? they all come with one...

I forgot one came in the box until we were about the start the second game. The box was in the loft, so no chance of getting it as the misses had gone to bed.

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I'll come round and get it?

Good games last night. Nice to have a good few on - really made a difference.

  • Tactical masterclass from Baring which involved just pass the ball to him.
  • Dylan broke the game where it just stopped giving him offside
  • Tobert became the world's best striker
  • Mitch broke a lot of legs

We actually looked pretty good. Dylan was bossing it up front, Baring found his striking boots. Tobert showed why he has won more BAP titles then any other player or manager and the cameo by Graham at the end of the evening just made everyone happy.

Mitch - world's best defender

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Aye it was much much better after the first couple of games. Think ill stick to CAM, my guy feels a million miles better and he's rated 84 there.

Some good play all round, Champions! (of div 8 haha)

Those little crosses are lovely.

Mitch is always a beast.

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OK so this week will likely be






Merkat - have you played many games with us? last week you got kicked out both times, was that just a one off? have you got into other games previously?

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