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United - Season 24


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Me, Smith and Carlos got a 1-0 win before we wound up last night. Our goal was amazing, but not as good as Toberts attempts or Dylans offsides.

I think we need 4 more points for another promo, so I'll be online tonight again to try and do this. If anyone is around, that'd be great. To give my 3 Any's a little boost before Thursday when they're up against The Trick Stick Gang would be veeeery helpful.

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I'll be around from about 9ish.

Although, this Division 5 rule is painful. It seems that every club is almost in that division, the quality of cup opponents are much higher and everyone is locked out of the Rllmuk FC club.

My friend is a remaining manager of Rllmuk FC. What I think I'll do is see if I can get set up another gamertag, make them manager, and then everyone can add them as a friend so they'll still be able to rejoin.

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No room at the inn for me :( *

*I was probably on too late

Formation for tonight (assuming everyone can make it):

Mitch ---sladie---mitch----mitch





We might change to a 4-2-3-1 in the second game with me dropping to cdm and Dylan moving out wide but, if we keep shape in the first game, then hopefully we won't need to change.

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I am coming in hot again this week (as I will probably be every week) so if you could set up the games mitch that would be great

After the previous post I am promoting Baring to the position of Director of Football, please look to him for all footballing issues.

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As I'm both wingbacks, I tend to get a lot of throw ins. So I've come up with a new strategy, where I try to long throw it back to the keeper no matter where I am. It seems to work maybe 55% of the time. I think that's a good return, better than a coin toss in fact, so I'm going to run with it.

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