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Gunpla: The Thread


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Any tips for nub removal? Doing my first gundam (normally warhammer so just paint over any marks) and I’ve cut away, trimmed with a knife, then sanded using sanding sticks from 400,600,1000,2000,3000 then 7000. 

Still got some slight marks and dusty looking finish, it’s taken the shine away. Is there a way to restore that?






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You can get buffers that you use as the last stage of removing nubs to bring the shine back. 


Infamously some colours of plastic are very hard to remove nub marks on, the worst being Bandai's dark blue.


For the best results though, paint it :)


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The latest ver. Ka kit has been announced, celebrating 20 years of the 'best' MG line. And they chose...






I mean the Zeta always looks good. And every version of it has some flaws (as a transforming kit, they're always somehow rubbish to some extent). But... there's been a 2.0 of the Zeta already, which is a decent kit by all accounts, and the original MG Zeta has had more variants and derivatives than any other kit I'd imagine (possibly even the RX78-2). It feels a bit disappointing that they picked it for a tentpole release in the ver. Ka line. I've no doubt this will be the best Zeta theres ever been, and it does look good and apparently addresses the problems of the existing kits with the clash between transformation and posability. But the only thing that really makes it stand out as a ver Ka is the decals, which are obviously Katoki's style.


I was kinda hoping for something really out there, a suit we've either never seen done as a MG or one in dire need of an upgrade. Something impressive. Instead they went super conservative.

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