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Gunpla: The Thread


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HG Astray Red Frame done!

I did a grey mix for the panel lines on the white parts for a subtler finish.

Tamiya acrylics for the detail on the sword, scabbard and some very light dry brushing on the black parts.

Lessons learned:

1.) Tamiya paint is bloody horrible to use with a paint brush

2.) Wait for paint to cure overnight before top coating, see smears on the scabbard :(





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Cheers Wev. The dry transfer things are well strange.

It's like a wafer thin sticker on a hard plastic backing, you have to align them then rub them onto the kit with a coin or similar. If they move one iota the whole transfer is borked. Tutorial here and yes the masking tape is a must http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeFtWXAuk7A

Apparently they come with most MG kits so I'm in for some fun with the next couple.

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My 1st MG kit, great fun to build, except for the rage inducing, horrible dry transfer decals.


Where would I get me one of these? The wings have pushed me over the edge with their beauty. And which YouTube videos are best to take in to learn this panel lining malarkey? I'm an engineer and it's time I started using my practical skills to make these lovely items.
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In terms of getting the kits the best option is to find an Ebay seller willing to mark the packages as a gift as they invariably attract customs charges.

There are quite a few based in Hong Kong and South Korea who openly state on the item description that they do this. Otherwise Hobbylink Japan are the best webshop in terms of costs and shipping to the UK.

That particular model is a Master Grade (MG) Wing Zero Custom.

Panel lining is actually very easy with a steady hand and patience, check out the tutorials by Steezy on Youtube, this being the best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2F7zVuaf4U

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£95 from the GundamMad guys at ComicCon. Pretty much the only kit I wanted that wasn't marked up to a silly price.

They wanted £160 for the PG Titans MK2 and an arse quivering £215 for the PG Strike Rouge Gundam!

Just got a couple of Gundam LED kits in the post as the Sazabi has a slot for one in the head.

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Just started getting into Gunpla after getting back into kits and minis/models via 40K, and into Gundam via the superb MSG: The Origin manga.

It's interesting looking at the completely different styles between japanese gunpla and western models. With Gunpla the emphasis seems to on flat, pristine and clean models. With western models, the emphasis is very much on shading - having areas of strong light and shade and building a smooth blend between them.

Off to Amsterdam soon and visiting this amazing looking shop http://www.spaceoddity.nl/en/ to pick up my first few kits.

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It looked fairly central on the map I think.

Thanks for the link to the Major Williams blog earlier in the thread, some great looking models and tutorials in there. Shame he seems to have stopped posting on it.

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