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I thought I'd start a thread and see if there was any interest here. I've been playing since the EU edition came out last October and it's massively addictive. The best way for me to describe the game is to link to the excellent Neogaf thread on the subject


The Japanese phenomenon, now in English! Puzzle & Dragons combines Pokemon, Bejeweled, hardcore dungeon crawler RPGs, social gaming, and crack cocaine into one app. In Japan, it's remained at the top of the iTunes charts for over six months, currently has over 15 million downloads, and even got its own TV commercial.
Assemble a team out of hundreds of monsters to wipe out everything that moves in the dungeons! Power up your critters by feeding them other monsters in a bizarre cannibalistic ritual! Spend your paycheck buying IAP so you can evolve literal Egyptian Gods* into anime lolis! Wait a second...
Seriously though, while PAD may look like yet another shitty Japanese iOS freemium cash-in, the game is surprisngly deep. We're talking 30+ hours of content just to reach the real "meat" of the game, and GungHo will continue to add more new dungeons and monsters over time. You know how people describe the "Tetris Effect" where they'll see falling blocks everywhere? This game will do that to you too.
The strategies needed to beat later dungeons could fill pages and pages of text (and in fact has, if you look at the number of pages in this thread). You'll need proper hardcore RPG planning before going into a dungeon if you don't want to get slaughtered instantly, and once in battle use pro puzzle gem moving skills to execute your plans. And if you're into that shitton of numbers going up always thing, this game has that too.





There's currently a hello kitty themed dungeons (Previous ones include Batman and Final Fantasy). You get rewarded for logging in every single day (Worth it. You don't even have to play a level) and the strategy is so deep I have no real idea what I'm doing.

Player List

Flub 721 343 244

Neg 767 448 248

Footle 721 442 249

Harsin 769,549,245

MK-1601 789,742,231

Hexx 760,446,249

Deerokus 353 390 284

Blunted 321,196,280

Berties Paw 787,144,237

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Looking forward to the 3DS version. No IAPs and bollocks!

Don't be put off by IAPs in P&D - you literally never have to use them. The game is extremely generous with premium currency and the temptation to waste it on stupid things (e.g. restoring energy or continues) is easily avoided.

Basically ONLY use the currency to either expand your inventory a bit, or to use the rare egg machine and ONLY then during special events (Godfests).

To an extent it's more satisfying to train up monsters than win them in a slot machine anyway.

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I think part of the fun of PaD is how it's a bit mmo like with all the new events and dungeons and stuff that they keep throwing at you. Are they doing that on the 3DS version or is it just a straight game now?

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Top tip. If you're just starting get a tricolour team together (Red, blue and green) and play the tricolour weekend dungeon as often as possible. You'll get about 15k gold a run plus XP for the easiest version and the matches come thick and fast. It seems designed to be a money tap.

There's a good beginners guide on Touch Arcade


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So each battle cost stamina to start...no Stamina you can't play anything.

Stamina regens at 1 per countdown? Or I can restore to full by using crystals or leveling up

Green Odin seems to be the most common one but he's supposed to be pretty good even at that level. Yup. You can either spend stones to get stamina back (NOOOOOOO), wait and it refils when you level up. Also when you level up you get a bonus that's either extra space on the friends list, extra stamina or extra team points (Each monster has a cost to place in your team. You can only put monsters in if you don't exceed your current team cost. At rank 33 mine is 45.

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What's the point of rare monsters? Just different stats/abilities if you level them up versus the monsters I find and level myself?

It would have a collectable aspect if it actually had some sort of album in-game for me to go 'oooh' at.

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Think of the end game in P&D as a bit like raiding in a MMO. Challenge and technical dungeons can be very, very specific in strategies to get through them. Often the god and other characters while not having general stats that are a huge amount better than regular dungeon drops can eventually gain the most powerful skills in the game. Although conversely some of the regular dungeon dropped monsters once evolved are used in a lot of these dungeons too. There are loads of strategies.

Basically 99% of the time you're throwing away good money by reviving in a fight. You could have used those five stones to add 25 slots into your monster box if you didn't want to make a rare roll. You'll be screaming for box space once you get into it :) The recommendation is only ever do it if a rare monster you want has already dropped and you know you can win the fight.

Mind you a lot of the better monsters and gods can be found in dungeons too. Not all of them though.

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