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The android version isn't an EU version is it? I thought it was the US version only on Android at the moment. That's probably why

Even so that makes no sense, unless iOS players in the US also can't interact with EU iOS players? I've not tried adding any friend at all when offered yet, I'll give that a try and see what happens.

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Regions are entirely separate, have their own events and are usually on different versions. iOS and Android players can interact if in same region though. I have a US account 313,944,201 although not sure if I have any friend slots available at the moment.

If you're wondering about monster abilities and dungeon difficulty then the following sites are useful:



The following can also be useful for keeping track of evo materials and experience required:


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Well got a few really good pulls from the godfest:






Also got a load of dragons and stuff from the pal machine over the last week or so, might feed them to the gods, but might keep them around because you just can't fit that many gods ina party!

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That's a nice haul. I got Archangel Metatron in this godfest too. There are quite a lot of non-gods worth holding onto especially early on when team cost is so restrictive. I'm rank 214 and still have teams I can't use due to team cost.

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The stamina thing on this is brutal. Can see how it makes people pay more... :blush:

People tend not to buy stamina refills with their stones. You end up like in Animal Crossing. You have a routine of things you do for the day and then you wait until later


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Just started playing this a couple of days ago and am getting loads of friend requests, probably mainly as I have a god team leader (#745, leilan, lv 30) thank you egg machine.

Is it worth accepting requests and if so should I focus on specific ones like those with the best leaders?

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The links I posted earlier to puzzledragonx and pad.wikia should help. Don't worry too much about type. Enhance generally means it gives good xp, Evo generally means it's used for evolutions but that doesn't mean it's the only use.

Also plenty of guides on the Puzzle & Dragons reddit and facebook pages and http://puzzleanddragonsforum.com/

re: level 17 Vampire, I'd save the King Metal until after you've evolved it. King Metal will give 75k xp to the Vampire and it only takes ~30k xp to max it from where it is right now.

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Been on this for a few months, up to Rank 80 now and just got my 100 days in a row login bonus of 10 magic stones.

Seems to get a lot tougher the more you play it. Got a few decent monsters now and can do some heavy damage if I set up right before a dungeon.

TIP : If you are a decent way in to this, play the technical dungeons and clear the 6th lot called "Castle of Satan in the Abyss". You unlock team challenge mode that allows you to replay all the normal dungeons using your friends lead monsters. You also get the magic stones for clearing them, I've done 14 over the weekend.

Use magic stones to make your monster box bigger, saves clearing out the fodder every other turn.

Try and use the 1/2 stamina dungeons as much as possible early on when grinding to level up a monster.

My ID is 787,144,237

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