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This game is ace what do you do with the baby dragons you get? It says they are rare but they are shit

Everything is rare. You're interested in very very rare.

Feed baby dragons to each other and evolve them, perhaps: they eventually gain a nice damage resist, the dark variant of which you'll be wanting to get past castle of satan - deep...

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Come to the conclusion I need a Green Odin mate as I'm kind blocked in how far I can advance until I can get some Rainbow Keepers. Any of the iOS crew on here have one to buddy up with (need to start levelling my mermaid/siren ready).

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I've just spent the day miserably attempting to farm a couple of green demon masks for a couple of upgrades. They just weren't fucking dropping. Finally, I've got one. One! Triumphantly, I go to at least evolve one of the things. Find out I needed it on my tablet game, not the phone I've been trying with :facepalm:

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Man this thread is a wasteland, while that Star Wars card game that looks like it was made in MS Paint is thriving!

Anyhoo, did anybody bother with the Godfest?

I got a Kirin!

Only problem is I don't really have any of the monsters or friends needed for her.

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Had a load of stones saved up. Got 6 gold eggs off 9 rolls but unfortunately they were mostly rubbish. Artemis (2), CDK, Susano, Leilan, Odin. Already got all of them except Artemis and Susano but neither are much use for me. Was after any of Hanzo, Yomi, blue/red Odin or any of the Sonias.

Kirin is great because you can use pretty much anything as a sub and still be effective and because it's 1 of the top tier gods at the moment you won't struggle to find people using it that you can add as friends. Can be difficult to activate reliably though but if you've got that down she's probably in the top 2 or 3 leaders in the game right now and when her ultimate comes out, she'll almost certainly be the best.

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I had 30 stones saved up. In addition to the evolved Kirin, I also got:


Crystal Aurora Dragon

Naga :/

Mystic Flame Knight :/

Pierdra :/ (insult to injury because I'd got one from the event dungeon that morning)

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Debating whether to focus on a Pandora or Kirin team. Kirin can cause much more damage with the right friends, but I've had a practice on endless corridors and find it really hard to get the combos needed with her reliably. Looking at Pandora team, she'll have less damage (16x, opposed to 25x), but if I stuff the team with orb changers I think I can cause burst damage more reliably andI can Tamadra her up for her row enhancement awakenings.

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Everyone's getting an extra free Tamadra.

*A Notice From Puzzle & Dragons*

Today, 14/4 (Mon) at 4:30, the Score feature was added to the Clash of Clans Epic Battles-Legend dungeon.

It has come to our attention that scores are being displayed for a portion of players, despite not having played the dungeon post-update. These scores are internally-recorded results from before the update. While players who attained the equivalent of an S rank prior to the update were not automatically awarded the free bonus TAMADRA after today's update, attaining a second S rank--whether or not the score is higher or lower that the previous S-ranked score--WILL result in the award of the bonus TAMADRA.

As our way of apologizing for any confusion, we will be distributing 1 free TAMADRA to all Puzzle & Dragons players active before today's update. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience or confusion regarding the Score display.


- Target:

All players active before the 14/4 (Mon) feature addition.

- Compensation:


- Distribution Period:

15/4 (Tue) 4:00 (UTC) - 21/4 (Mon) 4:00 (UTC)

Thank you for playing Puzzle & Dragons.

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Still only available in North America, and Japan for Android I think. It's quite easy to find the US apk and the only real downside is that the time specific dungeons/events are sometimes at awkward times.

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