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Tomodachi Life

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I think this is going to be a bit like Electroplankton or Little Inferno where after the initial hour has warn off it is more a toy than a game. Like AC though its probably better as a download than a cart so its always on your machine.

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Edge ponders whether Tomodachi Life will appeal to western gamers or not: >> http://www.edge-online.com/features/tomodachi-life-is-a-system-seller-in-japan-can-it-do-the-same-in-the-west/

This bit is pretty ridiculous:

TV is still a hugely powerful medium in Japan, much as it was in the West before the rise of the internet and on-demand viewing, and the lure of watching comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto or the members of J-pop group Perfume interact in homemade Mii form and create digital offspring was a major factor in the game’s success.

Anyone thinking TV still isn't "hugely powerful" in the West is an idiot.

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Anybody read the BBC news articles about this last week, and how nintendo hate gays?

Nintendo says 'No' to gay game characters Nintendo apologises over same-sex gaming row

I did wonder, when I saw the announcement trailers for this whether there'd be homosexuals in the game. It does seem a little disappointing, but, I guess Japan is probably more socially conservative? Do they allow gays there?

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  • Gay marriage doesn't technically exist in Japan

The Japanese release of Tomodachi Life had a character import bug that would sometimes replace characters in an already existing in-game marriage with two of the same sex but this prevented saving and game progress so was patched out

You have no direct control over the characters (like in Animal Crossing) so whether two characters are in a relationship or marry in the first place is completely random

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We do! Kinda. Ish.


In what appears to a unique twist on the demo, every copy of Tomodachi Life will ship with two download codes for Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version, a short sampler of the full game. Those who finish this mini slice of Nintendo's bobble-headed life sim will then be able to import their Miis into the full game and will receive a bonus panda costume in the process. Hooray!

Welcome Version offers the full Mii creation kit, allowing you to magic up a digital avatar, give it one of the game's bizarre synthesised voices and assign personality traits. You'll then be able to enjoy the opening segment of the game, creating up to three Miis and watching them interact and go about their oddball lives.

You'll also be able to feed them, which is more exciting than it sounds considering that the first time we shoveled bread into Ice Cube's gob he liked the taste so much that he turned into a rocket and flew into space. If that doesn't pique your interest, we don't know what will.

Completing the Welcome Version and buying the full game - either on eShop or at retail - will unlock a panda costume. While that may not sound like a big deal, if you imagine Ice Cube eating bread and turning into a rocket WHILE being dressed as a panda, the appeal is instantly understandable. Those who skip the Welcome Version and buy the game will have the chance to unlock the panda suit in the normal course of play.

The game, and its Welcome Version, both arrive on 6 June. Will you be getting it, or will you wait to sample this digital taster first?

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