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There's a lot of bad spider-man games


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I think Spiderman 2 was awesome but i don't actually think i spent that long doing the campaign. I just spent hours swinging across the city and collecting things having enough fun as it was.

So if any of the other games where like that i'd probably enjoy them too but i don't think i really played any other game.

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The old mega drive Spiderman game was great!

I reckon the Mega CD one is the best of the home versions. Check it out on Youtube, far more than a simple mega drive port.

I've played 33 over the past two weeks (not including stuff when he's part of an ensemble like Lego Marvel or those Gauntlet like games) trust me, the ones that have been mentioned are around the best :P

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The Master System's Spider-Man vs the Kingpin was not a very good game (and hard - I think I only ever managed to escape from the sewer with the Lizard's key once!), but the web-swinging pendulum motion was fun.

Have you ever noticed that Spider-Man's attack moves in the first Neversoft game are the same as the ones Capcom gave him in their beat 'em ups? The most powerful kick being a handstand, etc...

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It seems to me most of the ones I've played have had either good ideas or good game mechanics, but not both.

I'm thinking particularly of the C64 game by Empire. A tiny well-animated Spidey, great web slinging and swinging, then it chucks in over-aggressive energy stealing by enemies/hazards and fiddly controls.

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Spiderman & Venom - Maximum Carnage (Is one of the better ones, take sections directly from the comic to use as cutscenes, had a great sound track too.)


Seperation Anxiety, was awful terrible sequel has all the good stuff that made the first one so good taken from it.

Mega CD version is good as is the spider-man arcade game

Original Playstation version was good for the time


Some of the more recent efforts weren't bad, but Spider-Man: Web of Shadows was one of the worse. I was in a Blockbuster when it came out and the staff were looking at the 360 version and laughing at the frame as it was terrible.

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