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Lol. My finger has been hovering over cancel all week since I have a Rift and am not that enthused by the launch line-up, but I thought sod it, I pre-ordered day one, I'm not backing out now. Only Amazon tells me tonight that the card I used has expired, so I go in to update it... aaaand it bumps it back to Saturday delivery. Nice one Amazon, you bastards. So I've now cancelled 2 games, 2 controllers and the headset. Will pick it up later if something interesting comes along. Looking forward to hearing your experiences tomorrow!

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A few years ago i'd be off down to GAME at midnight with cash and trade ins, but I'm going to sensibly sit back and read everyone's impressions. I'm totally happy with my gear VR, so I know VR is great, and it's saved me jumping in with 400 quid here. Don't write off Driveclub either over some people mentioning jaggies...that stuff fades into the background and the immersion kicks in.

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13 minutes ago, dood said:

PSA: Everyone needs to try Thumper. Especially if you like Rez.  It's a lot harder than Rez though, but definitely gives the same trance-out lose yourself feeling.  I can't wait to play it in VR.  


It would help if we could pre-order/download the bloody thing ;) 

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9 minutes ago, HarryBizzle said:


I'd imagine without is much worse.

It really doesn't make that much difference.  It's the fact (especially if you drive in everyday life) that you expect to feel forces your eyes tell you are coming. 


Some actions (like reversing) feel worse than others. It's crazy. In an awesome way. 

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So I'd given up on getting the vr tomorrow.  My Amazon account has been quoting an arrival date of 14th October for the last few weeks and I've had no Amazon update despite refreshing my order page all day..


Anyway, skip to the end (spaced reference) and my Amazon app notified me 10 minutes ago that I'm on the day one train. Wooo!  Super excited for until dawn and Batman VR :)

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9 minutes ago, Xevious said:

Now they've confirmed 360° video support, what's a good place to download some of those videos from?


Within is on the demo disk and has some great stuff. Try the Evolution of Verse video.


19 minutes ago, angel said:

If you get it from game theyre giving you 2.5% back on your card too which helps, basically a tenner credit. I''ll have to keep my resolve and not nip down there tomorrow looking to get one.


Came to 2800 points (£7) on mine.


I wish I'd remembered to cancel one of my preorders but now that Amazon are delivering on Friday I think that'll be the one I send back. Or if CEX are offering more than £350 cash on the weekend I might dump it there.

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My ShopTo order still isn't coming back with anything from the DPD website when I try the tracking number there. Should I be concerned? 


Edit - Panic over...I've entered the tracking number manually on the website rather than clicking the link in the email and everything appears to be in order. 

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