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32 minutes ago, Fury4k said:

And we'll do our best to push you into it angel.


Happy to hear impressions, my gear VR will do me for now. I've still got scars from impulse buying a ps3 at midnight on launch and despising it for 3 full years, my original kinect, and this year Bioshock Collection and No Man's Sky.  But I'll enjoy reading people's enthusiasm...I do enjoy launch days before the cynicism kicks in.

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May I be the first to say I hope all your psvr orders arrive when they are supposed to and you, or at least someone , are in to receive them . I shall be keeping tabs on this thread tomorrow to hear all the " I fucking got one " stories . I love the excitement a new hardware launch generates.


Let the festivities commence !!

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10 minutes ago, MW_Jimmy said:

Someone needs to buy both Sports Bar and Hustle Kings and let us know which is best. Sports Bar requires Move which I didn't realise.

The hustle kings demo is better on a pad that a move/dual-move controller


But sports bar is going to have more games, inch. Darts

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Right, silliness aside now - just spent the best part of tonight with PS VR on :)




Unboxing and installing the thing took me about 45 minutes. Many wires, much to take into account with regards to placement. But once it's set-up, it works.


(Note that I've tried PS VR on various occasions over the last 14 months, including the games below.)


Started with 25 mins of Battlezone - slightly less entertaining than I remembered the demo I played a while ago to be, but still fun. Should make for some cool co-op campaign runs.


VR Worlds then, The London Heist. Basically a glorified demo, bur it shows promise for interactive storytelling in VR!


Finally, I tried RIGS - which is nothing short of AMAZING :omg: Beautiful presentation, powerful gameplay and generally something that really works in 3 vs. 3 multiplayer matches. Can't wait to play this with forumites - possibly in a league?



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So much for our chat tonight Boozy...:lol:

I think it looks great.

Vid ex Neogaf.



Just goes to show what a slut i am. I saw that glass and heard that engine......woah.


Fact is...i don't need these fucking videos. I may go down the OR route quicker then expected though.

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The store seems to be updating periodically tonight (and I'm also seeing multiple listings for the same thing, e..g 3x BatmanVR, 5x DriveclubVR)


So folk don't miss anything, here's what's currently free to download/demo on the store (quote / add to it if you see something new):


  • PlayStation VR Demo (featuring)
    • Driveclub VR
    • RIGS
    • PlayStation VR Worlds
    • Tumble VR
    • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
    • Here They Lie
    • Battlezone
    • EVE: Valkyrie
    • Headmaster
    • Wayward Sky
    • Harmonix Music VR
    • Job Simulator
    • Rez Infinite
    • Thumper
    • Allumette
  • Littlestar VR Cinema
  • Invasion!
  • Allumette (standalone)



Got my dispatch notice from Amazon earlier after it's said delivery would be Monday for ages now (ordered in March). Now says Friday :)

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It's coming!! Tracking info came through at 11:43.

Now it says:



Parcel arrived at a carrier facility 
Northampton, GB


Will it get here to my work by 4ish when I leave and the place shuts?

It's Amazon Logistics so probably not. Sigh.

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13 minutes ago, Sng said:

Who here's getting sports bar VR? I think it's one that'll be fun online but boring on your own so lemme know if you plan on getting it. 


I'm waiting to see if it's a good game first. I'm hopeful because apparently Pool Nation VR on Vive by the same devs is great, but just want to check. The only thing that gives me pause is a complete lack of previews/reviews.

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