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1 minute ago, Super Craig said:


There are bundles on the Game web site that specifically mention you're getting a V2 headset. Bought one last week. It seems that they all come with a V2 camera and a PlayStation VR Worlds download code as standard.

Great. Thanks.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Bought a 2nd hand bundle last night for £290. Off to collect it tomorrow.


It comes with the headset, camera, 2 move controllers and 12 games


Doom VFX

Grand Turismo Sport


Star Trek

VR Worlds


Driveclubs VR

Dirt Rally

Tekken 7

Resi Evil 7

Until Dawn: Rush & Blood



Pretty excited to get this set up and running. It's only V1 but I'm cool with that and even though a V2 would be good, the money I've got would have left me not much left to get some games and controllers.


I've pre ordered The aim controller with Bravo Team as it;s pretty cheap on Amazon at the moment - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B078W9LBLG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


One question though. Is it best for me to update to the PS4 Pro to get he most out of this? I've worked out that with my CEX vouchers and trading in my PS4 and spare camera it'll cost me about £120 to upgrade. Was thinking of doing this tomorrow too but if it's not that beneficial, is there any point?

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My earlier tip about sitting in a chair without arms has also helped me get way further in Superhot than I ever thought possible in my room setup.  Standing means I end up out range in at least one direction.  Sitting seems to fix that issue, but the sofa gets in the way all round.  Literally bringing out a small wooden table and sitting on it in front of the Sofa and Superhot suddenly just works.

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Honestly I couldn't tell the difference when I upgraded to a Pro, I've had a look at a couple of comparison videos and it's not surprising I didn't notice anything.


For me my main reason for upgrading to a Pro was to show off my new LG OLED

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Anyone get red lines across their vision?

Just started to notice this when having a quick blast on Skyrim today - not tried anything else since, so don't know if it's a Skyrim-exclusive problem. 

But it's like horizontal red lines which flicker on an off, right in front of me. 

Have also had the entire view go black a couple of times - with Skyrim and some other stuff in the past. Didn't think much of it, because it was just like the display went dead for a second or two, then was back on again, and it's only happened 2 or three times. Anyone else get either of these problems?


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Decided to go the whole hog and upgrade to a pro too. I needed the HDD space anyway and plan on upgrading my TV later in the year anyway so made sense. Only cost me £96 with trading in my PS4 and a few games. 




The VR really is excellent isnt it. Its the first time I've ever played one and was well impressed. I'm really looking forward to giving a horror game a go.



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I notice Farpoint and the Aim controller is a pretty good price on Amazon at the moment. Is this worth picking up?

With Bravo on the way I'm hoping the peripheral will get some love and not just be sat in a drawer somewhere with the rest of the light-guns and bongos of console past. 



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Decided to play Resident Evil 7 tonight. I've just had to take a break because whilst slowly walking round a spooky cabin, at the exact moment as Mia popped up in front of me the dog licked my hand. Queue me jumping up out my seat and yelping out the girliest high pitched scream I've ever done. It scared the shit out of me and I'm still waiting for my heart to slow down.

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I've just ordered it, too. I'm in a post-Christmas cash slump, but it was too salaciously tempting at that price.


Anyone bought a stand for their setup? I've got this one and am very happy with it. It's solid and pretty much unshakeable, and stores everything neatly. It lets you stick two Moves and two Dualshocks in to charge, and they have individual charging lights.




Basically, the fact it cuts down on having to scrabble around for multiple cables sells it, for me. Rationalising it all into one plug sounds like a small thing, but it's neater and easier - especially for bloody Moves, with their ancient mini USB connection, and that cylindrical propensity to roll around all over the place :)

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3 hours ago, Stigweard said:


Yeah defiantly. I guess the game is better to play with the aim controller right. I'm getting mine when it comes with Bravo Team on the 7th March.


Yea defo wait for the controller. I'm 'aiming' to pick up Bravo Team too and have Arizona Sunshine as well for the controller, which I hear is good.

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Did anyone play the Star Child (think that's what its called) demo on the V2 demo disk? 


I only just had a go of it the other day.  I really liked it, Its like Super Metroid but in VR.  Would love to see more stuff like that.   


Also, @Calashnikovagreed re Moss, hopefully its a goody.

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10 hours ago, klargon said:

Sprint Vector is out today. It’s 30% off for plus members (so £14). Seems to be getting good reviews so far. I’ve downloaded it but not played it yet.


It looks bonkers good. Do let us know what you think. 


I'm another one waiting for Moss. It looks absolutely charming :wub:

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