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50 minutes ago, boybrown said:

That’s pricey. It’s £59.99 in Argos 

It's in Euro :) 80 euro = 60 quid

With the 5 quid discount for pre-order and pick-up its cheaper than Argos.



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7 hours ago, Steven said:

Sounds  like this might be very good going off the first few streams I've seen. Just managed to start The Persistence last night and it's Dragon Quest XI next week, so time is going to be scarce.


Can confirm it’s pretty good. I’ve only played PvE (solo and with a trio in the states) and it was fun, if a little repetitive. Defending or attaching is basically a wave based shooter and some enemies become bullet sponges. Suspect PvP will be better.


It looks good, moves smooth and is intuitive. You shoot where you point the gun and there are strong echoes of Rainbow 6.

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8 minutes ago, Thor said:

@noob I like the look of it, but does it have move controls, or is it pad only? I tweeted aspyr with the question, but got no response. 


Not sure yet, but I will know tomorrow, so will let you know. 


I'm SO EXCITED to hear the score, and lucky enough that they have sent me some pieces to play on the next DorkTunes, another world exclusive :wub:

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i think Torn is Move only. I've seen a first play/review and when the control option is clicked it just shows Move controllers. Oh and no smooth turning.


Had a few goes on Firewall. I enjoyed it and was quite tense but fun. Its not my type of game. I'm not into online shooters like Rainbow 6 etc as I'm just too crap aiming with dual sticks.I'm a little better with the aim controller though. The developers say they have different modes ready but they don't want to split the community apparently. The DLC will be free when it drops. 

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1 minute ago, hombre_hompson said:

Many places in the UK are currently  listing PS VR as £199. Is this a permanent price drop? Any reason for it? Thinking of taking the plunge at some point.


if that's 2.0 and not a clear out of old headsets...

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20 hours ago, Thor said:

Ooh, if Torn does support moves, I might give it a shot. :)


Move support only!!!


It's started really well too. Had to give up though as having our bathroom redone, and the room is a mess as my PSVR is in the spare room which he is using as a walk in toolbox. 

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After owning PSVR since launch, I finally picked up a Move twin pack today. The Moves themselves are easy to set up and nice to hold, although it's yet more stuff that will need charging and I can see this place being a mess of micro USB cables going into multi-sockets when the PS4's already trying to accommodate regular controllers and a camera in its USB ports. The one thing that threw me off the most was that a Move player on his feet will be waving the glowsticks around much more than a stationary DS4 player, and so camera elevation and distance needed to be adjusted a little. Even so, I tried Tumble, the Spider-Man Homecoming thing and also bought Superhot, and all of them were playable - I just needed time to establish the new boundaries and adjust the camera position a bit.


VR games played with DS4 aren't as unique but they're definitely more "immediate" - I think if I went straight into Move&VR on day one it would have been a bit weird for me. :P At least with VR it doesn't matter where the camera is placed, so I'll probably experiment a bit.


EDIT: digging out my USB hub from Rock Band helps with the cable accommodation to an extent - yay!

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i got a free code for Catch & release on a you tubers stream today. I've never been fishing in my life but it looks good and is very relaxing. 


Played a bit of Firewall in public, had 4 games where we got slaughtered but we had a laugh, then got disconnected from host, joined a game with a racist redneck so i thought fuck this i'm off for a fish again. 

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