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Young Designer Creates a Way to Play the N64 over HDMI – Has also made Hand-Held N64s and Super Nintendos


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This is great and all, but it looks like overkill when soldering in a THS7314 amp and enabling RGB will give you just as good video output for very cheap. Ive done it to my N64 and output through a CSY-2100 RGB to Component converter to my 720p plasma and it looks outstanding, with ZERO added lag.

An equally impressive yet much more needed solution is the NESRGB card developed and sold by Tim Worthington (Vile Tim). I put one in my NES the other day and it is incredible...its just a pretty hefty undertaking to install it.

All that said though, when component inputs go away we will all be screwed without HDMI. I wonder how much lag (if any) is added by this unit? Major props for developing this though, hopefully he can produce solutions for other consoles as well.

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