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RPL City - Season 25


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Assuming we get no Rick tonight, then may line up like this...

Kiko - not gonna be at DC all season, Just giving AL a run further up, but i'm sure he'll happily drop back at some point :)

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'Mon then lads. Lets discuss last nights horror show.

Straight off the cuff, apologies for a woeful defensive performance. I havent got to grips with this element in 14 yet, and my god did it show.

Hannay - heed Mikes advice! ;) lol

In other news, cant believe how different game 1 and 2 was. I know that United had a change, and the rain didn't help, but what went wrong?


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I was awful in the second game and should have done better on the first couple of goals. In the first game we had a really good shape and they were playing in front of us, which is much easier as a CB. In the second game we were running back towards our goal the whole time, and the space between the midfield and defense was massive.

Maybe we just relaxed a bit? We completely bossed the first game and scored and looked good in the first 10 minutes of game two. When they got those two quick goals heads seemed to drop a bit perhaps.

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               SaintM                       CarlosPieSmithstock                     Smithstock                  Smithstock                                  KikoRickjckn        Alfromsleep               Sladie               Hannay

Right... It's quite probably that I'll miss the first game certainly tomorrow. May get back in time but I'm taking it as I won't. Assuming I won't make it, can Saint take the stats for me please?

As I have no idea about Rickjckn, I'll stick us at Full Back.

AL - can you do CB this week alongside Sladie? Need solid experienced defenders against the threat of Athletic!

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I can't promise I'll be on FIFA early due to 100%-ing Infamous but I wouldn't mind one or two games to freshen up before the league matches.

I haven't ventured into Clubs since we got demolished last week. Let's stick to the game plan this time and keep it simple.

Remember: "If you book them, they will come".

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