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FTL7 - Old is Cool! (PS4) - Team Selection


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It's Dino who loves to abuse the report button for anything that goes against him or his beloved Suarez and co. He's a proper prick and has way too much spare time to chat shit in the football thread. (One day ban coming my way! And possibly a rant from said prick)

He basically trolls Man U fans (see his posts about the game last night) and then reports them when they retaliate.

I have no problem with football banter really.

Aye Dino is a prick when it comes to football convo and I'm ashamed to be associated with him as a fellow LFC fan. I just ignore his spoutings, it seems Sith could not.

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Team selection is done.

1 - AlfromSleep - Man City
2 - Bleeders - Chelsea
3 - SaintM - Liverpool
4 - Keiths_Dad - Arsenal
5 - Baring - Man Utd
6 - gooner4life - Spurs
7 - MardiganX - Everton
8 - shalo-calo - Swansea
9 - Outsider - Newcastle
10 - Steely - Aston Villa
11 - sith - Fulham
12 - Jamin - Southampton

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