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Wasn't sure where to ask with no EverDrive thread so I figured I'd make one.

EverDrives are flash carts made for retro consoles, as a brief summary. The upside to using these is there is no emulation when using the original hardware for these old games.

Got a Master (System) Everdrive last year and only just started organizing the roms, but in two instances now certain roms crash:

Super Tetris (as soon as you press anything, otherwise it runs)

Street Fighter 2 (I got up to Balrog before it decided to crap out on me, God this looks amazing considering the hardware it's on, mind.)

I've got a 50/60hz and language mod on the system but far as I can tell, those are not affecting Tetris.

Is it just the case that the Everdrive may not be compatible with completely everything? :(

I've also been pondering how to organize the list when you switch it on because the roms show up twice (when I know they shouldn't)

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These are the only roms that I found not to work. I am only at OS 2 and I noticed it is on OS 4 currently so I will have to retry these once I upgrade:

Master System:

Asterix & The Great Rescue

Back to the Future 3

Baku Baku Animal (No control)

California Games 2

Chase H.Q (Graphic Glitch)

Cosmic Spacehead (Graphic Glitch)

Desert Strike (Graphic Glitch)

Home Alone (Graphic Glitch)

New Zealand Story (Graphic Glitch)

Operation Wolf (Graphic Glitch)

Predator (Graphic Glitch)

Prince of Persia

Rambo III (No Control)

Space Harrier (Graphic Glitch)

Speedball (Graphic Glitch)

Sports Pad Football (Controls are weird, might need "Sports Pad" to play)

Super Tetris

The Simpsons: Bart Vs. Space Mutants (Graphic Glitch)

Wanted (No control)


The Castle


Poseidon Wars - Space Panic - Rambo

see also: http://www.smspower.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=12123&highlight=super+tetris

(linked further down that thread)

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Thanks, I'd found that thread (and the list) but not about Super Tetris specifically.

Not that I understand why it doesn't work.

No Tetris on the Master System for moi. :(

Now I wonder why Street Fighter exploded...

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Figured I'd post some Everdrive vids while I'm here as a sort of knowledge base. I'll be able to afford the Mega ED one of these days! ::weeeep::

Only SD2SNES isn't made by the same guy, but I point it out because it (currently) does/plays more than the Super Everdrive. :)

Edit: Game Boy one currently in development.

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I believe so, yes. Be aware that there are two Everdrives for the MD; the Mega Everdrive and the Everdrive MD. I don't have either so you'll have to poke about on the net to find out the differences, but as I understand it, the Mega Everdrive is the better of the two.

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Mega allows for quicker loading, 32x support (you'd of course still need the 32x itself) and is usable as a mega CD save data cart as well.

I believe the only incompatible game is virtual racer fx or whatever it was called (special chip cart)

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