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FTL7 - Mid Season Transfer Window Open


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Who Will You Go for?
(Im talking to Al, not you Jamin.)

1 - AlfromSleep - Man City
2 - Bleeders - Chelsea
3 - SaintM - Liverpool
4 - Keiths_Dad - Arsenal
5 - Baring - Man Utd
6 - gooner4life - Spurs
7 - MardiganX - Everton
8 - shalo-calo - Swansea
9 - Outsider - Newcastle
10 - Steely - Aston Villa
11 - sith - Fulham
12 - Jamin - Southampton

The Spreadsheet with all the info can be found here.

Buying and Selling players:
-In the attached spreadsheet you will find your budgets for transfers and wages, as well as a list of players minimum values and wages.
-A player cannot be sold for less than their asking price but can be sold for more.
-You must ensure you have the funds and wages in your account to pay for a new player or the deal will fall through.
-You can buy and sell as many players as you like providing your squad does not have more than 40, or less than 17 players in it.
-Players can only move ONCE per window, so be sure when you make those purchases as there is no going back.
-If you cannot sell your players but need to shift them off your roster to free up some wages or space, you can pay their contract off by paying for their asking price with your own funds.
-When selling a player 10% of your sale funds go into the chairman's pockets, you know to cover printer ink and that.

Buying players owned by other FTL Managers
You can PM other managers to negotiate deals or do so openly in the thread.

When announcing a done deal, post in the thread, this will then need confirming by the other manager, once done it will be added to the spreadsheet by myself.

Buying NON FTLs players
The Window for buying NON FTLs will open on Thursday night at 8PM till Saturday at Midnight.

The only NON FTLs available will be added to the spreadsheet on the day the window opens, and mainly consist of the worlds elite teams.

Managers can name someone they wish to bid on at any time during the 8pm to Midnight window.
To nominate a player you need to post the following info -
Player Name
The Club they are from
Price you are bidding (Must be at least their minimum value)

Other Managers may then bid if they want to but must bid more than the current price.
Minimum Bid Increases -
Less than 5.0M = 0.1
5M - 10M = 0.5
10M+ = 1M

Please quote the post of the Manager you are outbidding or your bid will not count

After 20 minutes of inactivity (no higher bids received) the player is deemed to have been bought by the highest bidder
The 20 minute clock re-starts however on each increased bid
IMPORTANT - the 20 minute clock freezes at midnight each night and does not countdown any more until 8pm the following night
This means that to win a player in this style of bidding, you must hold the winning bid for 20 minutes during the 8pm to midnight window (or a total of 20 minutes at the end of one night and start of the next)
If on the final night on Saturday a player goes over the Midnight window he will continue to be open until someone makes a winning bid lasting 20 minutes.

Will be divided up into home and away.

You play each person once, then play them again in the second half of the season.

Fixtures can be played in any order.

All injuries have one outcome and that is to rule your player out for the remaining of that half of the season.

Please ensure the injuries are reported in your match reports and once players are injured that they don't feature in that remaining half of the season.

You can use your sponges at any time but you must make it clear in the thread who you are using it on so the spreadsheet can be amended.

-DO MATCH REPORTS INCLUDING ALL REQUIRED INFO! (Score, injuries, for both teams. (You must state none if there are none.))

PS, If anyone can help with updating the spreadsheet with transfers and what not, drop us a PM please!

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Will listen to offers on all players except Howard, Coleman, Jagielka, BAINES!!! And Lukaku.

Can't do much with the spreadsheet while in work on prices etc. but if anyone is interested in some Everton Excellence let me know :)

So if somebody buys rout ledge off me for 2m does that 2m get added to my budget or?

Yes. Unless your Chairman takes a cut although not sure if that is in this version. You also gain whatever wages he was on back into your wage budget.
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I don't understand though mate, it says you will add the non FTL's to the spreadsheet and they will mainly consist of players in the elite teams but we can nominate players we want to bid on during the window? so say I want a player who isn't added, can I still nominate and put a bid in?

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No, basically Steely will add to that spreadsheet the details of a load of players from other teams from other leagues. When he does that, each player will have their own minimum price and wage. Then on 8pm Thursday till midnight Saturday you nominate a NON-FTL and hope no-one else bids on him.

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ok cheers Jam, can we suggest players we want added to the Non-FTL list? players like Draxler or Sneijder might be overlooked...

On another note -

Naughton and Chiriches move to Villa for £8million.

Nice doing business with you Steely.

Deal! Thank you Sir.

You can suggest teams cant garantee Ill remember them all though! When I do it on my lunch break tomorrow.

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Swansea to Villa

Marvin Emnes 2.2M

D. Tiendalli 1.7M

Marvin Emnes is coming home! To hold in my arms.

Everton to Villa

A Kone 6.5

After an injury plagued spell at Everton Kone joins Villa to hopefully rebuild his career and legs.

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