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I decided to have a go at something different, and made a list!

Cos that seems like a very “YouTube “ thing to do.



and a normal one too. The list of fighters I want to play is around 50 something, so I’m aiming for one a month now... maybe.

trying for chronological if I can.



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Time to put up or shut up, after an entire series of putting 73% reviews on trial, what would I personally give 7/10 to?


Well here's one, The Incredible Crash Dummies on Master System.  I just hope I justify it well enough to avoid jail...



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Decided to try a speed run, and super Mario world seems like a great place to start. I can definitely do better, there’s plenty of places for improvement. But just getting it done is good enough for now, the extra pressure of doing it all at once is real.

submitted it to speed run.com as well, hopefully it’s ok for them.



and here’s a few cock ups too



Got a few ideas for what do next too 

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Been a few weeks since I've posts as been rather busy, but latest retro videos include a look at Warp & Warp from Namco. It's the game Hudson borrow (ripped off) the concept for the Bomberman series from as the game has two areas of play and the second had a very familiar looking gameplay.



Next up got a longplay as Guy on the Sega Saturn version of Final Fight Revenge, which was a rather dated looking arcade game in 1999 when it released on ST-V. Still I really enjoy it and at it's core is a decent fighter, even if this is a bare bones arcade port not worth the price these day. Requires the 4MB also.



Finally not retro, but I suspect all the retro Bomberman fans here will get a kick out of this look at a few matches from the new Battle 64 Online game.



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Got some special video today's, so who knew that Tokimeki Memorial ~Forever With You~ a Konami dating simulator actually included some rather nice bonus arcade shmup games. That turned out to be rather awesome, each version of the game has it's own mini-games to boot as well. Here's a look at the two included on the SEGA Saturn version:

The excellent shooter PSYTH which is the harder to unlock title, but a lot of fun to play:


The other title is Twinbee Time Attack which also appears in the PlayStation version it's a short boss ruch game with four bosses in total taken from the SNES and arcade game Detana!! TwinBee two are taken from each.



Finally if you are into your console wrestling games and are also fans of the Fire Pro Wrestling series, then checkout Blazing Tornado. It's a great little Saturn game that is still very cheap to pick up 2D old school wrestling at it's best:


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i got a whole bunch again.


First up is GORF, which was a recommendation from one of my viewers. which was nice.

largely a space invaders/galaga/galaxian rip off. but quite nice.


continuing through Neo Geo fighters we get to World Heroes. With everybody's favorite russian (and everybodys favorite boney m song)


then the racing game Rally Bike... which i'm pretty sure is totally impossible.






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Ah it’s me again.

got round to playing the second DigDug game, had no idea it was going to be totally different to the first.


And I decided to try and mix it up a bit and made another silly list video.



you won’t believe who’s at number 3 etc etc.

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Had a fun weekend playing the worst of the three main Double Dragon games, Mega Drive port manages to make it even harder. Not a good game in the arcade, even the fixed up Japan arcade release can't say it, but it plays better. Here's the full playthrough on the Mega Drive, looks pretty decent, but the hit collision is just way off and don't work half the time.



Also 32X fans might want to see last week's video of some gameplay from the impressive, if shorten port of DOOM on the system.



Finally in some blog related content that all PS1 and PS2 owners might want to take a look at, had a look at the limited way of forcing PAL retail titles into 60Hz, some very interesting if flawed results: https://randomisedgaming.tumblr.com/post/632059947316805632/importplayer-light-for-ps1-how-to-fix-some-mod

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