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The Expanse


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Amazeballs. Easily the best episode so far. Questions abound, even more than after the end of the last episode.



I didn't think for a second that Julie Mao was going figure into the plot again at all. Thought she was just a plot device that led us back to her father, and Miller falling in love with her was just to show us how pathetic and empty his life was. But nope.


Although it was kind of obvious what was going to happen once he started walking towards the hotel, it was still a delightful surprise. Still up in the air whether it's actually Julie or just the protomolecule manipulating him somehow. "We're meant for each other"... nope. Seems too perfect somehow.


Could go anywhere from here.

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The latest episode was incredible. That scene with Julie ranks as one of the weirdest things I've ever seen in sci-fi.

Apparently it's underperforming in ratings so a third season is up in the air as it costs so much to make, so tell all your friends to watch it or buy boxsets.

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Watched this just a few weeks ago. 


I've struggled with thinking about how to describe why i found its so enjoyable. 


I think the main word to come to mind is 'surprising', though. Before i started watching it i thought maybe it would be a bit pump, despite the praise. 


But it's actually really good. It has good characters that you care about. And they are characters which surprise - especially in the scripting. People say funny and unexpected things.  It has an interesting plot. 


It has lots of little interesting details. The world is convincing. It's political.


It's really satisfying on a sci-fi nerd level. It has its own distinct identity. 


The Asian UN woman and the black woman on the crew are great, bad-ass characters. 


It's so much better than i expected it to be. 

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Sorry, terrible job there. 


I mean, look, the show is clichéd but it doesn't really feel like it if that makes sense. 


It's surprising with its clichés. It executes on them so well that i watch the show and find myself saying 'nice, didn't expect, nice' or 'that's cool'. 


I don't really get the whole slow to start view either. The appeal of the show is in the characters, the script and the story not really some bits of action. In fact the first series has a really bad action scene which just consists of 6436464646 sparks going off whilst people inexplicably don't get shot (stormtroopers aim). 


That's one of the few things they messed up. 


I think some really good performances and interesting writing really elevate this. A good performance like the creole gangster boss can just make everything feel more real. 


One thing I'll say that annoyed me, particularly early on, was what felt like unconvincing controls/control room design. Like the number of screens, control methods, ergonomics, lack of normal desk stuff, minimalist designs etc - not quite right. 

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The material is very much "we're doing genre scifi, but we're playing with the clichés of it and grounding it in a sort of reality". I'm so down with that. Stuff like Diogo's uncle casually opening his helmet to pull out a loose wire. In another show he'd pop like a balloon.

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Amos "I always wanted to say that"


Ad-libbed or scripted? :) It was the grin afterwards that made me think it was ad-libbed.



Really enjoying this, in fact downloaded Exodus on Kodi so I could watch it sooner than the Netflix release.

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10 hours ago, Danster said:

Oh shit...



  Reveal hidden contents

What the fuck was that on Ganymede!?!




They reminded me of Mass Effect's Reaper 'Husks' - a form of protomolecule infected humans?


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