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The old Rllmuk Photography Thread


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Yay! got a photo of mine added to some online tourists guide thing to legoland...

Anyway, went to Pompey today... not been to the Naval Base there since I was about 10.... changed a fair bit in the 25 years or so...

Found it hard to get in the swing of things, so didn't really get any photos i'm that happy with.. except for the usual family snap type thing...

HMW Warrior


HMW Victory


HMS Daring.. this fucker can pick up a inflatable dingy leaving the states, on it's radar and track it all the way to the UK, the most advanced warship in the world.


And the fabbled Spinnaker Tower... from the top you get an amazing view of what an utter shit hoel Pompey can be.... still... it looks nice...


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Cheers. I'm not too happy with it though. I think if the shutter speed was a bit shorter I would've got a crisper shot with better shadows.

Just got to wait for another clear night...

Pretty sure it was your aperture that was the problem- what was it set to?

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