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The old Rllmuk Photography Thread


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Welcome to the forum Neale! Some nice shots there, but after having a look across your site I have to say I much prefer your landscape work, some cracking shots in there! Where abouts in Glasgow you from?

Cheers Ewan, I'm south of Glasgow in Strathaven! Love the shot of the tree in Rothesay, lots of good stuff going on in your photostream!

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I took some pics with my new DSLR (Olympus E-420) wondering around Dublin and Howth this weekend. It wasn't very sunny. :)

The Liffey in the evening.


The harbour at Howth.


The camera seems to pick up colour quite well.


To the bar...


Sunshine over the National Gallery on the final morning.


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:wub: the panorama thingy. How did you stitch it together and make the file?

Using this thing called Makecubic, which is by apple and can take a normal panorama, make six cubes out of it, then they'll scale around nicely in quicktime. You can make the cubes yourself if you want, but that confuses me. It's for macs, I don't think there's a free version for windows.

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I don't take my camera out nearly as often as I should, so I went for a walk with it at lunchtime.

Holy smokes, they are nice for a couple of lunchtime shots.

Were they taken with a very expensive camera?

I can't begin to imagine how I could make my camera come out with nice wildlife shots. Not enough zoom, too much shake etc.

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It's a Sony A300, which isn't that expensive for a SLR. Those are pretty much the two best shots I got today - I missed quite a few through being too slow or getting the focus very wrong (or a bit of both). I'm glad someone other than me likes them but I definitely need the practice!

That squirrel actually popped up a tree about a metre away from me at first, and in my rush to get a picture, any picture, I managed to focus on the nearest branch instead. :wub: Would have been a lovely shot if I'd got it right.

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Pretty inconsiderate of them eh Scribble, only fairy lights. Can't have been much good for the crowd either tbh.

I re-visited some auto shots last night as I'm getting a little demoralised at the fact I've been too busy and lack of cars I'm finding to shoot.

Bit of a rushed PS job on this one, don't look too closely:




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Liking the city stuff HaHaUK. Nice compositions!

I'm feeling destinctly uninspired with my photography at the moment, took a trip with Playdoh when I was back home last weekend, but none of the shots I got I'm that happy with!


EDIT: Removed second one as it was crap.... :D

Those are probably the best 2 out of the bunch, but im not even sure I like them that much! The first one is pretty much a generic view of the cloisters in Glasgow uni, and the second I don't know how I feel about it. Gah, I need to get out more I think! Still not ventured out around my new place of residence, need to get my ass in gear. [/blog]

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Last motorsports of the year (I promise), Cambrian Rally, North Wales (first rally with the SLR):


This nearly worked, I'd have wanted the rest of the car to be blurier with the cockpit still in focus.



Smokey and dopey get it crossed up.


WRC ace and eventual winner Mads Ostberg


This way? Yeah this way.

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