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The old Rllmuk Photography Thread


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Some I took today, none are good, but I do quite like the one of the apple.

They have been re-sized so look worse than they actually would


Awful photo, just liked the focus on the spider.


Apparently, it's called "food"


Washing machine, the light is shite because of the flash


The only one I like, the light and shadow on the apple, and blur of the leaf in front.

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Heh, yeah, cutting the phone out was a bit easier (!).

That coincidence IS fucking weird though!

Not only are they both German (or exactly the same payphone model anyway), AND both cutouts, but he's made his a lot more pink than it was too (I reckon, anyway). Mine was definitely a dullish red when I started.

Admittedly his might have been that T-mobile pink, but who knows?

EDIT: very impressive btw - any cutout tips? I just lasso in the general direction with a 10px feather, which only works on easy shapes...

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See, after you said that sometime last week, I went RIGHT in and favorited one of your crowd shots (it captures a particularly good range of music fan expressions).

So it's no longer TRUE!

Let me tell you a secret. The girl with the belt? Awesome. But nobody wants to congratulate you via Comments because nobody likes that you got to take pictures of a hot model. And possibly got paid for it. This includes me. Twat. :lol:

For tricky cutouts you're best off switching to Quick Mask mode in Photoshop and "painting" the area in with as many different brushes as you like. When you switch back to normal mode, everything you painted is buzzing away as an active selection.

EDIT: smiley added, just in case.

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been a while (and about 2000 photos) since i last posted, so here are some highlights from what i've taken in my recent travels ...


big teeth

part of gibraltar set


swirl on pedrera building barcelona

part of spain set


morning sun over duomo florence

part of italy set


stage lights at sziget festival

part of sziget (budapest) music festival set


sunset over notre dame paris

part of paris set

enjoy ...

bangkok, china and sydney to follow when i can get time to upload (and take more photos)

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Those are AMAZING shots, U2031. I have quite a few from my holiday to America, nothing that good of course, but i will post a few of the more interesting ones. However, this building is by far the scariest building I have ever seen. In Manhatten, I think it was AT&T that owned it, and I have no idea what was inside, but it had NO WINDOWS whatsoever. And remember, this is about forty or fifty stories high...


It looks like something from 1984, or Halflife 2.

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