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The old Rllmuk Photography Thread


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This afternoon I went for a walk past an old farm building, and up to this transmitter on a hillside behind my house. I say behind, it's more like 10 miles behind. It has 5 massive red lights which you can see crystal-clear from my house at night. My aim is to head up there one night and go camping, to see how big these lights really are.

This is one of the support cables that holds the thing up.


No trespassing boys and girls!


Full size image of this transmitter:


An old farm building nearby. Met a planner guy on the way down, who says they are leveling this quite soon, to build a new house.


Part of the roof has fallen.



If you liked these, you can see more photos from that same walk here.

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Some stuff taken on my craptastic old camera. It cost about a tenner in 1995, IIRC, so it should be useless, but it likes to give me the odd atmospheric shot... or me looking daft.




Oops! Forgot how big they were. I'll resize them if I can find a program on this cackhanded PC that'll do it...

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Thanks, I agree with you on that, the second and third I had to crop to remove wires from the background :o I tried to edit them out but it didn't look right. The last two aren't really anything special, more of an after though.

When did you start smoking?!

It would have been better with a Clipper lighter. What's the brand of fag?

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