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The one song you don't like on amazing albums

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Blur albums usually have at least one. Oily Water, Brothers and Sisters, Bluremi etc etc.

Guest Room by the National

Black or Blue by Suede

Pencil Skirt by Pulp

Roland by Interpol

And I probably won't get much support on this but I've never liked Radiohead's The National Anthem.

You'd lost me at Oily Water - that's one of my favourite tracks on Modern Life Is Rubbish. But to slate The National Anthem? Wut? That's actually one of the few on Kid A I *do* like!

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I normally skip 'On The Run' if I'm listening to Dark Side Of The Moon

Does. Not. Compute.

I couldn't skip anything on DSOTM; it would bug me like the gap left by a missing tooth.

I'm with Alexlotl on bonus tracks, especially on something that I first listened to back in the 70s or 80s, back when album sequencing was a fine art, and where the correct ending is baked into my brain cells.

The worst is the Ziggy Stardust CD - the last chord of 'Rock and Roll Suicide' melts into silence, I slip into my usual reverie, savouring the moment, and then *BAM* in comes 'John, I'm only Dancing' to bugger up the mood. Was better in the days of vinyl - you'd just lie there, listening to the hypnotic 'swoosh-swoosh' of the needle in the lead-out groove for a while, before getting up.

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Utah Saints - Utah Saints

Kinetic Synthetic. I don't like it because it's such a jarring difference of style compared to the rest which are all brilliant tunes.

CJ Bolland - The Analogue Theater

Pesticide. For much the same reasons as Kinetic Synthetic, it's completely at odds with the rest of the album. More than that is that I do actively hate most of this track which is just annoying as I love the rest of the album so much.

The Prodigy - Experience

Death Of The Prodigy Dancers (Live). I'm not a fan of live music much and listening back to a recording of live music I find tedious usually*. This is no exception and I haven't been able to find a studio recorded version to see if I actually like the tune, though I think I would as I sort of like the live version on this album. But the sound quality is so bad I just can't get on with this one.

The Prodigy - The Fat Of The Land

Fuel My Fire. Too punk for me, no thanks. I know The Prodigy moved over to a punkier sound for this album but aside from this track it was all very, very, acceptable to me.

*To be contrary to my own usual opinion, Allanis Morrisette's acoustic recording of Princes Familiar for MTV Unplugged (only version I know of) is one of my most favourite and treasured songs ever. That might have more to do with her sitting still so she could actually let her voice work properly (which is usually why I despise live music so much) and the relative lack of instruments (bass guitar; I'm giving you the evils).

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>which is usually why I despise live music so much

I must admit I usually see more artistic value in the studio recording of songs. It's the artist's true vision - nothing left to chance. By contrast, live renditions usually strike me as compromises.

Not playing live never did Kate Bush any harm.

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"It's a fire" on Dummy by Portishead.

It was only ever a B-side to a single when Dummy first came out but the later versions of the CD added it slap bang in the middle, between "Wandering Star" and "Numb". presumably this was because it was the only B-side that was actually a new song and not just a remix. (and it wasn't as good as most of the remixes anyway...).

Oh and "Elysium" on the second album, which seems to be screechy and awful to the point of deliberate self-parody.

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