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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (featuring Herlock Sholmes)

Professor Puzzles

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Hey there! It has been revealed in Famitsu that the next Ace Attorney game will be set in the Meiji era of Japan (mid 19th century to early 20th century) and is being developed by original series creator and Ghost-Tricker Shu Takumi! Here's a pic of the main character, maybe an ancestor of Nicky boy.


He's got a proper Samurai sword and everything! The full title is apparently "Dai Gyakuten Saiban - Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken (Grand Turnabout Trial - The Adventures of Naruhodou Ryuunosuke" Oh, it's for the 3DS BTW. No word of a localisation as yet, but I think AA5 did quite well so keep your fingers crossed. Also, there is an AA6 being developed by the AA5 team which is a more conventional modern-day sequel so wach out for that too.

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Can never be enough Phoenix in my opinion so this is a good thing.

Although I still want them to add back in more of the stuff from the firsts extra chapter like the fingerprint stuff and luminol etc. I think the last one was too streamlined and personally I would prefer it if you got grades for your investigations/ trials etc and some way of 'doing it wrong' to encourage a bit more replayability, as you can't really go wrong as you can always just present everything to everyone and blunder your way through...

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Well the original creator wrote the story to PLvsPW so I guess that's what gave him the idea.


I'm playing said game right now and it really feels like a PL game that happens to have PW in rather than any kind of 50/50 share.

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Featuring Sherlock Holmes apparently...

Capcom recently announced that they’ll have a special showing for The Great Ace Attorney at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, where we’ll see the latest on the game, However, this week’s Famitsu brings up a couple of details in advance.
According to a report by Game Jouhou, the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, will make an appearance in the game. Additionally, his assistant Watson will also be in the game, except instead of an older gentleman, it will be an eight-year old girl. Of course.
EDIT: More specifics:

Together with Holmes, protagonist Ryuunosuke Naruhodou will investigate incidents. However, that doesn’t seem to mean the pair will be together at all times.
Famitsu also introduces a new element called “Joint Reasoning.” As Naruhodou and Holmes work together to solve mysteries, players will point out where Holmes is taking his reasoning further than the truth in order to get to the bottom of what really happened.
As far as the game’s flow goes, it will be similar to previous entries in that it follows detective and courtroom parts. This time, however, it will have both 3D characters and 3D backgrounds. And the actual depth of the background will be utilized (meaning, the character can actually go into the background).
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I'm pretty sure Harsin's making a joke about the fact that up until now every AA game has been ostensibly set in LA in the localised versions, as has been obvious from the prevalence of mystic hideaways, masked wrestlers, noodle bars and rubber-costumed superhero actors, so we can only hope that this tendency to inexplicably label the game's setting as LA no matter the actual contents will continue ;)

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More info on the protagonists:

Ryunosuke Naruhodo:
Ryunosuke is the protagonist of The Great Ace Attorney. He’s a student at the imperial capital’s university during the era of the Empire of Japan. After the occurrence of a certain case, he decides to become an attorney. In order to learn the most from the latest judicial system, he goes to study abroad in England, filled with a passion for justice.
Susato Mikotoba:
Susato is a young lady who supports Ryunosuke as a “legal affairs assistant” due to certain circumstances. She loves reading foreign detective novels, and is a graceful Japanese woman with big dreams.
Sherlock Holmes:
As you may already know, he’s the most famous great detective in the entire world. Due to his sharp powers in observation and deductive reasoning, he not only discovers the truth but sometimes goes too far beyond it. With such a great detective and lawyer coming together as one, it looks like we might see some of the greatest cases ever held in the court of London.
Iris Watson:
Iris is a young girl who lives with Holmes. At an early age of 8 years, she already has an M.D., and has also serialized “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” which is very popular in London. There are rumors that even say that her reasoning talent surpasses even that of Sherlock Holmes’ :o
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Some more details coming from the recently released Japanese demo:

– First case seems set on board to England
– Ryuunosuke and his assistant encounter the famous Sherlock Holmes, who seems busy interrogating a suspicious Russian man
– The collaborative deduction begins with Holmes’ assessment of the Russian man (who he is and what crime he has committed); and Holmes presents his evidence, explaining how it supports his conclusions
– Throughout the explanation, something seems amiss, and this leads to the second half with Ryuunosuke breaking down Holmes’ reasoning and unveiling the truth
– There are certain phrases or points of focus that are wrong in Holmes’ arguments
– Eg: Holmes says the Russian man is holding a pair of scissors because he intends to cut off his beard; use the touch screen to examine the Russian man from different angles, and focus on any suspicious points on his person. Use this method to switch out the term “beard” in Holmes’ argument with the real term “hair”.
– This ultimately leads to the truth
– Find the flaws in Holmes’ explanation to reach the truth about who the Russian man is
– Holmes’ character description: “His unparalleled observation and deductive skills see not only the ‘truth’ but sometimes go beyond the truth and become a ‘rampage of logic.'”
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New, non April's fool trailer. Honest, tnman!

And some more details:

– Baroque: legendary Speedball team English prosecutor said to never let a defendant escape, who’s returning to court after 5 years of absence. Also known as “The Death God of the Old Bailey”
– Devs. took about a year to come up with the name of the prosecutor, and there is even a proper name origin for the name, but Takumi finds it embarrassing to talk about; he has a different font for “objection” to convey the “English”-ness of him
– Jury Battle: Each of the jury members have their own ideas about the case and you can get the not guilty verdict by finding the contradictions in, and between their ideas
– Ryuunosuke can walk around during the trial as he’s thinking
– The last argument is where you have your last chance to convince the jury of your client’s innocence, and if all jury members decide on guilty, then it’s over
– If there is a majority votes not guilty after the closing argument, you win of course
– During trials, you can question multiple witnesses at once and yell “HANG ON!” if one is acting up, much like PLvsPW
– Special attention has been paid to camerawork, a sense of space and eye movements of the characters
– Case 1: “The Adventure of the Grand Travelers”
– The game’s (Japanese) limited edition will include a 48-page artbook and 10-track CD
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Man, that was confusing. It looked like there were eight judges at one point. And is it set in 19th century Japan or London? I hope they keep some silly characters and don't take it all too seriously.

July release date for Japan, then, or possibly September - 2015 7 9 - 9th July? If it's coming out that early over there then I don't think it's entirely unreasonable to expect a 2015 EU release.

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  • Professor Puzzles changed the title to The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (featuring Herlock Sholmes)

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