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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (featuring Herlock Sholmes)

Professor Puzzles

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45 mins. of gameplay (in Japanese):

Damn them if they try to replace Japan with the US again.

More details:

– New episode: “The Adventure of the Friend and the Speckled Band”, which is a homage to the Holmes short story “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” :o
– Takes place on the London-bound steamship Alaclear
– Ryuunosuke finds himself the prime suspect in a certain “incident” involving a locked room and an adder, and decides to clear his name
– Wherever mysteries are, so is Holmes, and so Ryuunosuke and the Great Detective meet for the first time
– New characters Nikomina Borschbich and Mitrofan Stroganov
– Nikomina Borschbich: fifteen-year-old ballet dancer
– Mitrofan Stroganov: sailor who was patrolling the area of the ship where the incident occurred
– Nikomina is running away from the Russian ballet corp she was once a part of
– When choosing where to go, Susato will let you know if anything more needs investigating there
– The preview for the next report shows Iris and an unnamed character in the English lobby
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It's been confirmed earlier today by Capcom France that The Great Ace Attorney (Dai Gyakuten Saiban) is (probably) not coming to the west, as there are no plans to release it over here :(

@capcom_france Génial ! Mais en ce qui concerne Dai Gyakuten Saiban (dans le passé) vous avez aucune info ?

2 retweets2 favorieten

@ktouktou Malheureusement le titre n'est pas prévu pour sorti en Occident.

Vertaling weergeven
At least number 6 still is.
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I wondered whether it was down to copyright issues, but apparently even the US now acknowledges Conan Doyle's characters (and most of the books) as in the public domain, so that shouldn't be it. Damn you, Capcom!

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Yeah, the games do famously poorly in Europe (though they do moderately well in the US). It just seems bizarre that the one game in the series that had the greatest chance of breakthrough appeal to the West - the Sherlock link being recognisable and currently in vogue - is the one that they've opted not to bring across.

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Oh the wounds! Oh the salt!

The Great Ace Attorney, is still trucking along in Japan. Today marks the release of its eighth (and final) round of DLC.
The eighth issue of Randst Magazine contains the following:
– a short episode with Sherlock Holmes on trial (!)
– Nintendo 3DS Theme featuring Kazuma Asougi
– concept-art for the characters Episode 3 and 5
– Behind the Scenes video for the game’s sound effects
– beta music for Naruhodou Ryuunosuke
The most interesting thing about it, however, is that it also includes this message from Shu Takumi, basically the creator of the whole Ace Attorney franchise:
“London, at the turn of the 20th century…
I hope you enjoyed your great turnabout voyage.
The team is looking forward to the day we can meet you again in Ryuunosuke’s next adventure.”

Might be a sequel, as the title did pretty good over in Japan.

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The contents are apparently very local tastes for local people, despite the title. The only reason they keep on cranking them out in the first place is because of local demand, not international demand.

From what I've heard only the beginning of the game is set in Japan - probably just the first "tutorial" case. Then the rest of it is set in the UK, with Sherlock. All they really have to do is just have it be Phoenix's Japanese great-great-grandfather or something.

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The crux of the problem according to one person who completed it is the very fact it is designed from a Japanese POV, which is unlikely to have much appeal elsewhere as a result, unless they drastically alter the contents, but then what is the point of it:

I've finished the game and it is a BITCH to localize, much more so than any of the previous games.

One of the obvious problems is that they Americanized the previous games, and DGS is VERY obviously about Japanese people going to Britain, and all of the problems that involves (language barriers and racism among others), not to mention a famous Japanese author plays a significant role in one of the biggest cases in the game, which would be totally lost on 99% of the Western audience.
There are just things that would be weird/awkward for a Western audience.

For one thing, the first English-speaking person you encounter in the game speaks gibberish at first, indicating that no one understands what she's saying because everyone in the courtroom is Japanese. This would be tricky to solve in the localization because everyone would already be speaking English, and you could try to explain this by saying "the player is reading English but the characters are actually speaking Japanese," but it would still be weird. Not unsolvable, but just weird.

Then there's the fact that a LOT of the British characters in the game poke fun at the fact that Ryunosuke is Japanese, which I guess is fine since the game was made by Japanese (although it does make foreigners look like racist assholes, which, granted, they often are, and must have been especially so in the late 19th century), but if you're playing a game in English where everyone is constantly making slightly racist quips at the only Japanese characters in the game, that could raise some concerns, you know?
Again, not impossible to solve, but an awkward element in any case.

Then there's the author I mentioned, Natsume Soseki, who actually went to Britain IRL. You could just not change this, sure, but it would lose a lot of meaning and nuance because no one in the West would know who the hell this guy is, and there are SO many jokes playing off his real life persona and his works.
Visually though, he looks and even moves a bit like Charlie Chaplin, so with some slight modifications to the model I could see that being a possible solution (although Chaplin was born in 1889, so the timing is just a little bit off), and, again, the racism card is often brought up in relation to this character, so that's another problem.

Yes, there may be workarounds for all of this, and they may sound like minor issues but many minor issues still amount to a LOT of work and it would inevitably involve awkwardness, so I can totally understand Capcom's decision for not wanting to (have their Localization Department) go through the trouble.
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I'm faintly distressed by the suggestion that the Western world is entirely English-speaking there, but I guess it's to be expected. But yeah, I don't see that as being a problem to solve even for the English tranlsations - audiences aren't quite so stupid that they can't grasp the idea of characters being translated, and not understanding the language they're being translated into. And I don't see the 'racist comments towards the player character' being a problem - it fits the setting, after all, and it's not the PC making them (obviously).

The only bit that really sounds like an issue to me is that the character of Natsume Soseki would fly over most players' heads, which would be a shame.

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I think for niche games, they should just adopt a crowdfunding arrangement if they want to provide fan service without the perceived financial downside risk. Figure out how much it costs, set up a website to collect payments and if it reaches the necessary amount, greenlight it. People get their games if actual monetary demand is sufficiently demonstrated, instead of having to take a punt and potentially lose money for the company.

Keeps your most dedicated fans relatively happy(ish) while not exposing the company to financial risk. The problem might be if they actually charge realistic prices for what their staff's time would cost as Kickstarter is complained about as having warped cost perceptions to the downside.

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