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Bloodborne - GOTD edition

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The good vicar went down finally after an embarrassing two hours - obvious what I needed to do, but unable to execute:

again discovered that you can trigger a visceral attack on her. Not 100% sure on conditions, but it triggered when I hit her smack in the face with a Molotov. Run up R1, pull her eyeball out in horrific fashion

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So, I thought I was being clever while exploring here.. (literally no spoilers, just a 20 second clip of me getting disappointed)

Just me, or is this RUBBISH?:

Bad form, Fromsoft.

Also, LeChuck, I figured out the trick to those guys tonight. I felt so stupid, spent ages fighting two red ones at once last night.. but happy that I can now one shot them..

Don't hit them with anything but your gun. Force the riposte / visceral attack.. They take massive damage that way and die before powering up..

And yeah, getting chucked in jail is a bit annoying if you lost some cash.. But the nostalgia for Seath meant I was just grinning instead :D

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Fucking Vicar Amelia. Jesus. Every time I fight her I get her down to 5% health and die. Bit this is not just to moan.

Something is definitely up. Just had my fifteenth go at her (yes, I know). Having to farm a few souls to buy supplies for my next go. Suddenly all the enemies in the area are needing more hits than normal and seem to be hitting me harder. Clearly gone from 2 R2's fairly comfortably doing for the big mask dudes to needing another hit.

Ok, I'm being a bellend.

Weapon durability had dropped below some unspecified amount

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Ah, I think I've just realised why I sometimes have blood vials replenish when I die. It turns out that if you keep picking up blood vials once you're holding 20 they'll go into your storage. And if you die it will bring those vials in storage back into your current inventory when you respawn.

You guys probably already knew that, but I just figured it out (after 20-odd hours)

This game is fucking brilliant by the way.

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It's really opened up for me now, met some

Alfred bloke

and been going further and further in to Old Yarnham until I came up against some

gatling gun thing

so think I'll be going another way for the moment. My combat is definitely improving but still so so easy to mess it all up. I really want to do some co-op but still only have nine insight even after redeeming the skulls, how do I get more?

Anyway, here''s my dude after a rough night (cant really see his red eyes and scar annoyingly):


And of course praising the sun...


My messengers now have top-hats!!


'I say, old bean!'

That was a pre-order thing from Amazon over here, mine never turned up in the end. Looks great. :)

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Sorry Broker, just couldn't get connected after that first attempt. The coop really needs some work, why they can't have a proper invite system for coop is beyond me

On a plus note I managed to kill Rom early on, but then got my ass handed to me in the next area.

I am tempted to buy the physical copy of this as well as my US digital version. Not long now till the guide

Have also unlocked another secret area

The Choir

but don't seem to have found a lamp for it, never mind its very easy to get back to

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Just spent the past couple of hours in organised co-op, both story mode and Chalice Dungeons. Works perfectly once you get that initial connection.

Here's the short & easy guide for success:

  • Set network Worldwide.
  • Set a password.
  • Helper warps from hub to area IN ADVANCE. Rings small bell.
  • Host warps from hub to area. Rings big bell.
  • Wait...

The initial connection may take as long as 2 mins, but every summon after that was 20 seconds tops.

IMPORTANT: Both players must warp from Hunter's Dream to the location you wanna play. They also must return there after you've completed an area/boss. This is imperative as it 'clears the system'.

Side note: You can join NG+ from NG (and vice-versa), the only restrictions are the +/-10 (+10%) levels.

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Well this total Souls noob just sent the Cleric Monster down to a little place called Chinatown.

Such an amazing boss fight and it's only the first one. The utter euphoria of the lantern popping up was a joy to behold.

I guess it's Gascgoine next. I'm scared.

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Made pretty good progress tonight. Worked my way around a big chunk of Old Yarnham and unlocked two useful shortcuts, one of which practically made me want to applaud the level designer. Have tried to beat what I guess is the third boss but seems to be optional (he doesn't even have a name) and have struggled. Then I got all the way outside what I assume is a boss going by the messages but chickened out.

So far I've exclusively used the cane/whip which is now +3 but I'm considering trying a different melee weapon. The cane/whip is fast and has good reach, and the whip is good for crowd control, but it's slightly weak even with two decent gems in it. Might mix things up a bit.

All the crying noises around Yarnham keep freaking me the fuck out. Brrrrr.

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This fucking game. I got up to Father Gascoigne, and

thought I'd managed to cheese it on my first go by keeping a gravestone between me and him, and just spamming charge attacks. I was all ready to debase myself in front of Miyazaki in shame at my dishonourable fighting style, at which point Papa Gaz entered his final form, dived through the graves, and smashed me to pieces. Amazing stuff, it's like the game is punishing me for my cowardly styles.

And then I smashed the cleric beast to pieces like an angry medieval king. This is the best game.

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Hemwick questions

I just killed the witch, but that whole area seems a little weird. I found no information about it, and haven't heard about it from any other characters, haven't seen any mention of it in item descriptions. It's just some weird extra area that exists just because. Is that right? Have I missed some kind of explanation about it? I want to know something about all the little village and the boss I killed.

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So bloody close to taking down BSB on my first go <_< :


Remember, if you're having trouble with BSB, check your equipment and see if you can boost your slow poison res. You may loose some defence but I found it helped to lower the speed of the poison gain.
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The lush Future Press guide (the one EpicNameBro worked on) has been delayed to include the changes of a big patch that's on its way. Really cool decision of them, especially as it's probably going to cost them sales.

The guide's coming with a dynamic theme:

I really want that theme, but I don't want to buy more tat, even lovely tat like that guide :(

LOL, I did that as well the first time around. Bit rubbish, yeah.

Didn't figure that out until I reached the last 30% of the game, so don't feel bad about it.

The guide is due April 10th unless it has been put back again

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Went down the hole in the workshop tower and almost immediately got put in jail. I've lit the lamp there in that weird massive place with the pigs and hags. So should I go to the village at the bottom of the pit again or explore this area?

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BSB down! Easier than I thought, but then I had started putting points into

Arcane after realising it boosts fire damage, and Old Yarnham's inhabitants are very weak to fire. So I basically ended up immolating him at the altar.

I'll probably continue down that path for a while now and see where it takes me, though I'm sure I'm in for some pain for not building up the other, more obvious stats. But I get the feeling Arcane might come into its own during late game. Er, maybe. If I get that far.

This game's really won me over tonight though, so I'll feel obliged to persevere even if it becomes impossibly difficult again. Not so much because of the elation over the BSB victory - elation was there, yet I still don't find the bosses the most enjoyable part of the game; in fact, probably the least enjoyable, something of a barrier to get through - but the level design and art style really took off in Old Yarnham, I felt. I found it a completely captivating world to make your way through, first tentatively, in fear of the tower guy and then, upon his demise, with confidence, and eventually mastery once those supremely elegant shortcuts were unearthed. But a joyous experience throughout, simply down to the world-building. I've admired the design of Bloodborne's sets, and its vistas, a few times before, but this is the first time I was knocked out completely by the coherence of the architectural plan and the logic of its puzzle-like geometries. OY felt organic, but logical; and unlocking the environments and working out safe passage though them - and how to maximise the pain you can inflict on its hapless inhabitants - is the best part of the game for me. There's a real magic to it, this world, which I think might go down as one of the most memorable I've experienced in a video game - or in almost any medium in recent years.

And I also ended up getting a certain weapon I quite liked the sound of, so even though it doesn't do as much damage as my starter weapon even when levelled up, I'm going to have a go with that, too, as well as sticking with Arcane. Like Waste of Skin, which I still wish I'd chosen, I'm sure these difficult-at-first choices will bear fruit in the end. I guess that's what they're there for.

As well as looking cool, of course.

Picture of cool weapon that isn't really a spoiler at all but just in case


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I love this. I'm at Old Yarnham after struggling way too much against a certain man of the cloth. As usual I entertained thoughts of being stuck on a boss forever.

I did a happy dance when I realized the reason he wasn't attacking anymore was because he was dead.

Taken me really quite long to get to grips with the new rhythm but I'm feeling it now.

The atmosphere, design and presentation are just delicious and right up my dark, foggy, plague ridden alley.

I'm a little taken aback by the lack of armour upgrading coupled with the paring back of attributes. Although it's yet to have any quantifiable detrimental effect.

I love this.

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