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Top 5 n64 games


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N64 is probably my favourite console ever. When I think back I have so many amazing memories of playing it over the years. From my childhood, to my teenage years in school and right into adulthood at gaming nights with friends. I just love the console, the chunky cartridges and that odd controller with its oddly satisfying Z-button trigger.

Difficult to select a top 5 because it offered so much. After some serious deliberating think I'd settle on:

1. Mario Kart 64 - still the best in the series and possibly the best racing game full stop. Countless hours have been spent playing this over the years with friends and family. Brilliant courses, great handling, snaking and blue shells aren't overpowered and those glitchy shortcuts make it the perfect Kart game. Plus Block Fort - need I say more.

2. Majora's Mask - Always a toss up between this and Ocarina. Ocarina came first so always gives me that nostalgic "wow what a game" feeling. But MM is such an amazing game. The dark, creepy atmosphere of it all. The brilliant 3 day cycle with NPC routines you get to learn. The more interesting sidequests and the collection of masks. The only downside was it could have done with more temples.

3. Super Mario 64 - Simply put this is the perfect 3D platformer. I still remember the sense of amazement when I first played this and saw Mario - the 2D side scrolling hero I was so used to - in a fully 3D environment. The controls were spot on. The levels fantastic and varied, from the opening open-world Bo'bomb Battlefield to the psuedo-side scrolling Bowser levels. Each level was a joy to play.

4. Perfect Dark - While GoldenEye no doubt had the better single player campaign (and a great multiplayer mode) PD was always our favourite multiplayer FPS. It wasn't with its issus, the frame rate was poor, but at the time I don't recall even noticing. It had some of the best weapons in FPS history; Laptop gun, controllable rockets from the Slayer, the wall hax Farsight... Even when unarmed it was great - what with being able to disarm another player with a quick punch. It also had some great levels, co-op campaign and counter-ops.

5.Space Station: Silicon Valley - A delightful and very different platforming-come-puzzler game. Funny and charming, even if it did have a glitch meaning it couldn't be completed.

That was difficult. First 3 nearly picked themselves but had so many others I wanted to choose. Including; Lylat Wars, Smash Bros, Snowboard Kids, Pokemon Snap, GoldenEye, OoT, Banjo, 1080, Wave Race, Yoshi's Story, Diddy Kong Racing, Goemon and many more.

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1.Goldeneye (still think this is the best game ever made)

2.wave race

3.excite bike

4.1080 snowboarding

5.pilot wings

Those games are still unmatched (well maybe 1080 has been bettered)

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Fondest N64 memories that came to mind first...

1. Super Mario 64 - for everything

2. Wave Race - for the sea, sun and jet skis

3. Turok - for the weapons, the dinosaurs and the jungle

4. 1080 - for the mountains, the snow and the controls

5. Diddy Kong Racing - for the Christmassy track

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1. Mystical Ninja Gambare Goemon 64

2. Killer Instinct Gold

3. Goldeneye

4. Pilot wings 64

5. Turok the dinosaur hunter

I know, no mario or zelda. I never played the Zelda games and I do intend to, just need to get around to doing it with all the other stuff you always plan to get round to playing but am sure they are great games.

Killer instict gold seems to get a lot of shit from some people but for me it was the perfect fighting game, easy to learn, hard to master, fast with a great combo system.

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This was tough, its a shame there are too many big hitters - maybe a N64 hidden gems list would be better? Highlight some of the smaller games which are worth a look.

1. Goldeneye

2. Sin and punishment

3. Zelda OOT

4. Mario 64

5.Mystical Ninja Gambare Goemon 64

- also surprised the lack of WWF "No Mercy" so far!

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N64 in our house was the 'multiplayer' machine.

1. Super Mario Kart 64 - This was the reason why I bought a N64. Still think it's the best Mario Kart game ever made.

2. Goldeneye 64 - Everybody I've spoken to had their own rules and way of playing multiplayer. In our house, because of the shit framerate we all agreed to stick to the 1 shot 1 kill mode with Oddjob being banned.

3. Mario 64 - I remember being completely and utterly floored by the graphics and smoothness of the thing. At the time I remember thinking the PS was dead and buried if this was just the first of the N64's titles. Didn't work out that way, as no other N64 title came close to making a similar impact.

4. Ocarina of Time - The music in this game is so evocative for me. Takes me back to Christmas 98. Not a care in the world being thoroughly enthralled by this gem.

5. Snobow Kids - If only for the manic dash to the ski lifts.

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Great to see Snowbo Kids getting some love. Me and my mates use to love that - never played the second one, though. Don't think it was released here?

I finally got around to playing Rocket: Robot on Wheels this year, after hearing so much about it. And yep, it certainly lives up the hype. The physics system is excellent and the first level also has you driving a car and building a roller coaster. I've barely scratched the surface but if the rest of the game lives up to these standards I'm in for a treat. Glover is another physics-y platformer that's good fun, but the controls take a little getting used to.

On the subject of platformers, someone up-thread mentioned Silicon Valley, which was also brilliant. Essentially Grand Theft Auto with animals and a great, toilet-based sense of humour, it's ripe for a modern update.

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After reading this thread, I thought I'd dust off the N64 (made easier with an Everdrive 64...)

It's a strange one going back to it.

First, the games now seem really dated. Maybe it's that first gen that really did 3D or the fact that it seems a bit underpowered for what it was trying to do (hello pea soup fog!) But they also seem dated.. in a good way.

First thing was just how different each genre of game was. A driving game was a driving game. An FPS was an FPS. A fighting game was a fighting game.

Now it seems every game is pretty much identical, they all take different genres (driving, fighting, shooting) and mix it into a game.

Plus that the games are down to earth fun. No added bollocks. Just fun.

Beetle Adventure Racing is a good example. You race other cars, handling is excellent. And it's fun.

So although some of the games look like turd. They're still pretty good.

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I've been playing them back on emulator (my old console's packed away somewhere) and its interesting seeing them with sharper graphics. Hardware-pushing stuff like Forsaken actually manages to be quite playable when emulated. Already-great-looking games like Majora's Mask end up amazing.

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1 Goldeneye

2 Fzero X

3 Harvest Moon 64

4 The New Tetris

5 Zelda Ocarina of Time

Loads of others that should be mentioned....

Mario 64


Waverace 64

Sin & Punishment

Banjo Kazooie

Majoras Mask

Lylat Wars

WWF No Mercy


DiddyKong racing

Perfect Dark

Residnt Evil 2

Jetforce Gemini



Beetle Adventure Racing

Rayman 2

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1. Goldeneye

2. Sin and punishment

3. Zelda OOT

4. Mario 64

5.Mystical Ninja Gambare Goemon 64

- also surprised the lack of WWF "No Mercy" so far!

What about Mischief Makers ? ;)

Come to think of it, they really should re-make that one. Treasure insanity through and through.



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Mischief Makers is another amazing game. Like the best Nintendo titles, it pisses away ideas that other games would base their entire mechanic around. I bought it from the old CEX at the same time as Mystical Ninja, so I got myself a nice double-bill of Japanese strangeness there. Got all the gold gems except that bloody last one...

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1. Ocarina of Time

2. Goldeneye

3. Super Mario 64

4. Conkers bad fur day

5. Starfox 64

The N64 didn't have an extensive library but the games Nintendo and rare did release were all pretty amazing and still hold up well today, much more so than the games on the playstation and Saturn the majority of which have aged badly.

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1. GoldenEye

2. Mario 64

3. Perfect Dark

4. Blast Corps


Doom 64 is a brilliant game, to me it feels like the pinnacle of Doom.

Completely new (and IMHO better) levels, better graphics.

I remember some of the criticisms at the time were that it felt old, you couldn't look up and down, it wasn't as good as Quake.

But going back to it, I think Doom 64 is better than Quake.

Quake II on the 64 is similar to Doom 64, completely different levels.

So if you like Doom 64, give Quake II on the 64 a try

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