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Unreal Tournament 4


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Hey man, this is the bit where I get everyone to eat crow for all my predictions coming true, don't take that away from me.

Did you see that thing about how there's one-third the AAA games in development? Rising cost of games baby!

That's some real pyrrhic victory shit, right there. Congratulations.
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Original UT was the first ever game I played online, 233mhz desktop G3 Mac over a 56k modem. I can still remember my favourite maps, especially Deck 16, like it was yesterday. Loading the rocket launcher's alt fire and aiming it into spawn points, firing the flak cannon around corners, the sniper platform that overlooked the entire arena, the guided nuke, an absolutely classic level and there were loads more.

UT is/was at its best stripped down and clutter free. Just give us brilliantly designed maps and weapons, get CTF and TDM/DM right and we're good to go.

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Yeah, they were amazing back in 2004 when pretty much only Halo and Battlefield 1942 had ever attempted them on that scale, but these days it's more of a novelty just to be a straight-forward arena shooter.

Maybe if they brought back that mission objective-based mode (which I doubt), Assault was it?

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Wow just got home and read the news. Couldn't be more 'dehyped'. Not only because this is years away from release (2016 by the earliest it seems) but also by the fact that it's not even a proper UT game.

Meh. I hope they can prove me wrong but I'm not holding my breath.

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Loved UT99, 2k3, 2k4, and UT3 to bits. UT3 remains the most fun I had on Xbox Live, and one of only a couple of games I bought three times (PS3, then 360, then PC). So many things to love, like low-grav instagib or Deck-16 or Morpheus or...

I'm really hoping that they leave vehicles out of it this time.

What?! The vehicles in UT3 were amazing. The hoverbike thing, with its drive-by decapitation ability. VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER. The big mortar gun thing you had to stop so you could deploy the massive turret. The two-player tank. But best of all, the huge alien tripod walker thing with its deathray of doom. Incredible scenes.
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Been playing UT99 all weekend. This game is still the daddy and the best in the series for me. It has just the right balance of mayhem and tactics, brilliant weapon design and memorable maps - revisiting some of these maps for the first time since the late 90s was a massive nostalgia kick. Deck 16 is as good as I remember especially camping on the elevated platform with a sniper rifle. Bliss.

This combo of map + mutator has been particularly entertaining:


So good to be playing this again, dunno why I ever stopped.

Is there any interest in getting some forum games going?

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In this week’s episode of the Unreal Tournament Twitch Stream, Art Director Chris Perna and Senior Environment Artist Rick Kohler look at some of the concept art that has been posted and offered critiques. Rick is an environment artist so look out for some environment discussion! Also, Senior Designer Jim Brown and Cognitive Psycologist Celia Hodent discuss User Experience. We really want to see you involved in future discussions about UX! Celia’s UX team recently conducted a user experience test with Unreal Tournament 3 and Celia shares some of the results. If you’d like to learn more or join in on the UX discussion, check out the new User Experience forums! Jim and Celia will be there answering your questions and posting.

Download here.

Art here.

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