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GameBoy Appreciation Thread

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Does anyone have their GGC to hand? When you press the Start/Select buttons are they meant to be a bit rubbery? Bought one and I really have to press them in for them to make respond. Feels wrong to me but been years since I played one.

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On 17/01/2021 at 04:18, Camel said:

I've got an SFC pad that requires a massive amount of pressure on the rubbery start button. I think they maybe deteriorate over time.


It's generally just a bit of dirt/grease built up under the button on the metal connector that the rubber touches when you push it. Can usually be solved in a couple of minutes by opening the pad and cleaning the metal under the buttons using a cotton bud and isopropyl. I bought 4 "broken" sfc pads last week, 2 of which had unresponsive start buttons and a quick clean of the metal under the buttons (I can't think of the correct term) had them all good as new (in terms of responsiveness). 

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This is my newest one after the last was bust right out of the back. The start/select are useable after a bit of play so not that fussed anymore but I'm being pushed more and more towards a NES GB Advance SP :lol: Seen some online with newer modded screens. I've always loved the flip top of the SP but was always put off using GB carts in it because of the way they stick out the bottom but that NES model.. :wub:



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HArd presses of buttons is usually a build up of gunk or what not under neath the button.


I find a clean with some IPA on the board, and then getting the rubber membrane and a piece of plain paper, depressing the membrane so that the little black bit of contactable surface is exposed, and then running it down the paper, it will leave a black mark on the paper and they always work better after that.

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52 minutes ago, Dudley said:


Either you take a long time to type 10 words or you typed out that url by hand and I don't know which I'm hoping for :)


Yeah, I was in the middle of doing some whatsapp replies as well as posting this, found link, copied, replied on Whatsapp, pasted link and text ;)

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