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RPL City - Season 26


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Steely - Bossman/Cameraguy

SaintM - Statsguy

Kiko -Website Statsguy

Al - Scottishguy

Vinnie - Quietguy

Tobert - Chattyguy

Baring - Moanyguy

Gooner - Newguy

Will beef this up later!

Anyone about now/soon?

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Good start last night chaps! Winning Streak! Couple of wonder strikes from Mike and Gooner, also nice to see Vinnie is still the same touch of class he was since we last played together!

(I hope the streak lives on after I vanished... I'm looking at you Mike.)

Ill beef up that first post later on with what my thinking is in terms of setup as a starting point.

Also anyone fancy doing any of the following...

-Highlights Reel

-Match round up (votes and stuff)


If anyone else can take the match reports on the site off my hands, I can take up one of the above. :)

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Sorry lads - jumped on straight after auction - saw Mike drop off FIFA and jumped back off! :(

I don't mind doing the match reports on the website.

Are we playing in the week at all to boost the team up div. 2 (if you boys havent done so already?) :)

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Sweet! That'd be awesome if you could do that for us! I am happy to do the highlights, probably just brief ones with the goals, and real stand out moments.

But if someone else with a bit more of a knack for it wants to do them I can do Stattos.

I dont think I have you on my friends list Kiko! Get me added, 'Steelinho' same goes for anyone else who doesnt have me.

Ps. Bought a Mic off amazon today so it should be here in time for the cup.

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We moved up to division 4 last night so yeah could do with getting us bumped. We wouldn't be able to do that playing the other teams tho, we will be taking on mcrandomers.

As much as I miss Online Team Play one of the few bonus' if clubs is the fact you can just jump on a play.

Happy to try and sort something for Tuesdays, I can jump on most nights but usually not till after 10.

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Steely, any early work on formation? I am assuming you are thinking:

Gooner - Baring- Steely - Vinne






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Really enjoyed it last night lads, good passing and movement in all the games, looking forward to this season!

Should be ok for some practice on Tuesday but I have a meeting so depends what time I'm home.

Thursdays early start for the cup might be an issue as I have just been told I need to attend a awards night at work, hope to be home in time as it starts at 5pm but who knows with these things!

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I'll echo that Vinnie, was a shock initially, after a season of that Judas Dunny's long ball tactics to play a passing game, but a good shock.

What kit's we gonna use? the ones from last season are horrendously shite.

Just wait until you play with Mike.

"Hooooofff itttt"

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