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Far Cry 4 | Nov 18th | PS3/4, Xbox 360, Xbone & PC


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If anyone has a load of nectar points saved up and can wait until Wednesday, you'll be able to get this for about half price in Sainsbury's. They're doubling the value of nectar points up to a saving of £20 on games.

Might make that fucking ridiculous season pass price more palatable, if you're insane and were going to buy it.

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Don't watch that QL btw. Not for fear of spoilers (well the first 15 minutes I saw were fine anyway) but mostly due to the fact that Jeff can't play a FPS properly which is infuriating. Game looks really nice on a PS4 though.

You're not wrong. Seeing him snipe an outpost by standing bolt upright, out of cover, then expressing surprise when enemies saw him made me want to gnaw my keyboard.

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