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Halo 5: Guardians - Splitscreen inbound?


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Positives: its beautiful, good lighting, mostly 60fps.

Negatives: ADS absolutely sucks, far too much dudebro high fiving crap, plenty of slowdown, vehicles flying past outside of maps jerky as hell, is pretty boring, doesn't remotely resemble a halo game anymore, might aswell be a different franchise.

I realise this sounds like baiting but its not, its boring and not halo.

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Played a few games, not sure what to think yet.

All a bit too CoD/Titanfall like for me. Much prefer the simpler times of Halo 1-3.

Don't really like the ADS. Aiming with pistol is good and I like that, but doesnt feel right with the DMR or BR.

Kill Cam can be useful but most of the time it pisses me off by showing the bullshit deaths where I don't even appear to be getting shot directly.

Still don't like Midship. Never will.

The wee warnings for when the sniper/power weapons are respawning annoy me a bit, on Halo 3 it was good to have the timings worked out yourself when playing to give an advantage over those that weren't keeping track, now everyone can see/hear them respawning.

It looks good and is still easy to get into and keep on playing though. Just doesn't feel very Halo-y yet.

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Played a couple of games last night. If you're not in a team you're fucked, more so than usual I thought... The AR is a beast, too much range for me. Loved the ground pound and the charge but sprint plus boost plus sword is a joke.

I don't get the COD comparisons and I've played halo MP almost exclusively since halo 2. Just because of the ADS?

The dude bro stuff is particularly shit. As much as I liked the Halo 4 campaign 343need to inject a bit of humour and personality into the whole thing, they take it all just a bit too seriously.

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Played a few games and it handles well (aside from some controller confusion), but my worst fears appear to be apparent.

What 343 don't understand is the simple core mechanic that absolutely defines what makes Halo special - not the maps, not the vehicles, not the weapons - it's simply the longer lasting shield. Nothing more.

Having a long lasting shield means that hiding and recharging actually meant something. I see very little point having a recharging shield in Guardians if every single engagement is over within a bullet or two. There's no 'dance' anymore - every encounter is over within 1 second. Clearly a game crafted by a group who play COD.

Halo's long lasting shield meant that every player would engage in a cat and mouse chase - a battle between players could last up to 10 seconds, and in every second you had a decision to make - fight or try and hide - figuring out who had the upper hand. And it was glorious.

Guardians (from my limited time on it) just appear to be a game of who can hold a reticle steady over a moving target for 2 seconds. Shields are pointless, recharging is pointless.

The fix is simple - make the shields lasts longer, but something tells me we're in a different FPS era now.

Shame really, the presentation is superb (I love all the spectacle they've added to it), but unless someone at 343 suddenly realises what the core Halo mechanic is, it's doubtful I'll be as engrossed with Multiplayer as I was through the Halo 2/3 years.

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Played a good few games last night and am completely ambiguous about this. I actually think it plays well enough and getting used to the new mechanics of it works wonders. But therein lies the problem, it is ALL new mechanics. It's just not Halo anymore. From the gunplay, to the movement, to the sprinting, ADS, climbing on ledges, kill cam, etc, it just doesn't feel like a Halo game.

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The winning team do this really embarrassing high five stuff at the end of each match.


I don't get this idea that you die too quickly/easily. Get good :) if you use your movement options properly you can escape most encounters should you choose.

I only die 'too quickly' when I'm getting shot by multiple people, from multiple directions. Other than that, I don't find it to be at all problematic. To me, it feels like Halo, but with a twist.

I'm really enjoying it so far.



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What happened to you yesterday Chow you joined but left before we got to take names - you were the number 4 :)

My router was playing up so my Xbox One was set to strict and therefore party chat wasn't working with you guys. Fear not, there's always next time.

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I was a big fan of Halo 4 online, I thought that modernised in all the right ways without losing the core Halo-dance/shield-popping mechanic, with some absolutely fantastic maps. It also washed the bad taste of Reach online out of my mouth.

In my time with Guardians I do think the shields are too weak (or maybe the stock assault rifle is slightly too strong?), but we had a match last night where one person had dropped out of each team, 3v3, and that felt like proper Halo. Attack, retreat, recharge, working as a team, it all came together. Maybe larger maps will settle things down a bit, the tight ones have always been more insta-gib happy in Halo games.

I can see the logic in making the AR something you don't want to drop immediately, it's now an effective mid-range weapon in its own right, but maybe they've gone slightly too far with it because you can mow people down in seconds. The other weapons seem to get the balance right, if they're lethal at one particular range they're ineffective at others.

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SMG seems stupidly overpowered at the moment as well. You can easily take someone down in the time it takes them to get 3 BR shots off.

Useless at more than 15-20 feet away though, which I guess was the point. BR > SMG at far-mid range, SMG > BR up close. I think we're gonna have to re-train our traditional weapon instincts, which to be fair was often BR/DMR > everything.

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