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RLLMUKS Greatest Action Movies Ever....the results. Now showing 5-1.

George Clooney

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Never been a fan of either The Raid or The Rock. No idea why they are so highly regarded.

The Raid is relentless and has excellent action. Real martial arts, real stunts, real skill. It doesn't pull any punches. Exactly the stuff action movies needed in an age that is dominated by weighless CGI, PG-13 and shakey cam. It's really well-shot too.

The Rock has a fantastic cast and they all deliver, from Sean to Tony Todd. It's immensely quotable, the action is excellent and Zimmer brings one of his best scores to the table.

All three big action vehicles Cage did in those years (The Rock, Con Air and Fce/Off) are ace.

I agree that most of the Marvel movies actually lack a real threat and often have fairly boring villains as well as action scenes thar are lacking real punch. I think The Winter Soldier is easily the best Marvel movie when it comes to those aspects.

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Update! As the top 10 are slightly larger write ups, I'm going to split them into 10-6 and 5-1. The first will be up on Saturday, just to give me time to put some finishing touches on them (also because I'm not at my computer much this week so it's just easier for me).

Also, bonus round! I planned to do a couple of things extra this time, and this is one of them. Not from the list though, because this is....

George Clooneys top 5 films that didnt get a single vote, that I thought would/should.

Just to preface, I did go through the voting again to check, but I still could have missed one of these. Anyway, here are my personal top 5 films that I thought someone would have voted for. Some of them are ones I nearly did. At least one I expected to be reasonably high. I'm not sure if these were just forgotten, or I'm misjudging them myself. I may have even missed some myself. Here they are though.

5.The Long Kiss Goodnight

Did people just forget about this film? Or am I just alone in thinking this is fantastic?

It's a shame this film seems to be largely forgotten, as there's loads to like about it. A brilliant Shane Black script, a surprisingly good lead performance by Geena Davis (who was cast mainly due to being in a relationship with the director), and a show stealing turn by Samuel L Jackson as the sleazy investigator who ends up doing the right thing against all his better instincts. There's some great scenes too, like Jackson sneaking into the bad guys camp while Davis protects him from afar with a sniper rifle, and some great lines from Jackson (I also didnt know before looking into this list that Shane Black was the guy from Predator with the crude pussy joke). Black has had a number of entries on the list, it's just a shame that my favourite of his wasnt one of them. Actually thinking about it, I may regret having cut this from my list.

4. Independence Day

Looking back, maybe this isnt such a surprise. I think it might be similar to Titanic in a way, where it was huge at it's time, but then as times gone on, it seems like peoples fondness of this has also waned a bit. On release, it was easily the biggest thing that year, and in terms of spectacle, we'd not really seen anything like it. The aerial battles were unlike anything that had gone before it, and the special effects where incredible. Maybe as time goes on, and we are less wowed by the effects, we've looked at it and seen how cheesy some scenes are, and that the plot isnt actually that great. Even so, the action still holds up pretty well, even if it isnt quite as impressive as when it was first released, and I thought there'd at least be a few people that still thought fondly of it.

It is ridiculously corny though at times.

3. Spiderman 2

Comic book movies in general didnt do too well. Only 1 Batman movie made the list, and while the Avengers did well in their group outing, only Cap had any films enter the list from their solo ventures. A few other smaller budget films did well, like Dredd and Blade, but some of the big hitters, like Ironman and the X Men films did poorly. I could have picked several of those too, but I picked this for 2 reasons. The first being that I always thought it was fairly well liked on this forum, though I know at least a few people werent fond of it. And second is that it has that amazing fight with Doc Oc which end up fighting around the exterior of the train, which is still amazing today, even if the effects arent quite as good as some of the later films. 2 was also the film where Tobey was still alright as Spiderman, and Franco was still bad, but at least wasnt dressed stupidly with a stupid hoverboard thing as well. And it had a good bad guy. And the train fight. Seriously, that fight rocked.

2. Speed

Pre-Matrix, there were only really 2 Keanu action films that were particularly well received. Point Break (which had a respectable showing) and this. This was supposed to be the film that catapulted him into action movie stardom, and he had a succession of films released after to try and make that happen, like Chain Reaction and Johnny Mnemonic. They all pretty much sucked. This however was great. Ignore the “Die Hard on a bus” tag it got, the concept was simple, but allowed for a load of nail biting scenarios that quite literally took us for a ride (ha!). That said, it was the directorial debut of Jan De Bont, who did work on Die Hard, so he had some insight into the kind of “Die Hard on a XXXX” type of film. It was unfortnately the best film of his career. By far. After and ok follow up film with Twister, he made a terrible sequel that even Keanu could see would be a turkey a mile off and ditched, did a shoddy remake of one of my favourite horror films, and then did a poor Tomb Raider film. Shame, as this film was a terrific example of what he could do, and while it slowed down (double ha!) after they got off the bus, how he created and handled what happened on the bus was brilliant.

1. Top Gun

“I feel the need. The need for speed”.

Poor old Tom. He did pretty poorly as it was, despite being no stranger to action films over his long career. In fact, his only entry didnt even make the top 50. And then this, not only one of his most iconic films, but one of the most iconic films ever didnt even get a single vote. It's not the best film ever, sure, but I dont know anyone that doesnt talk of it fondly. It has so many lines or bits which get parroted or talked about. It's like one of the most ultra macho things you can think of while simultaneously being loaded with almost homoerotic moments. In part, it's charm comes down to the fact that pretty much anything not in the air is terrible, but in a kind of oddly hilariously corny way. But despite that, the flight scenes are genuinely thrilling affairs. Aided by a soundtrack that perfectly suited the idea of over the top excess, the combat training scenes throw the viewer about in a way that brilliantly conveys the dizzying experiences the pilots must have had. While they may have mishandled (or unintentionally handled well, depending how you look at it) the story side of it, the visual side of it has been lavished with attention, ending up with a film that is a perfect fit for Tom – looks great, but any depth in there probably isnt on purpose.

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Good picks. Spidey 2 is still the best comic book movie by far, Speed is damn good and The Long Kiss Goodnight is a particular fave. Harlin has always been hit or miss, but the action scenes are great, Davis and Jackson are excellent, Brian Cox has a really cool small role and Black wrote some of the funiest lines of his career.

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Surely there's an Arnie movie in the Top 5 that also isn't a franchise? Ooh cryptic!!!

I was actually just coming here to edit that after realising I'd made that error (not sure how I forgot that one) and was hoping no one would notice.... Just so people don't wonder what the hell is going on, in the hard boiled and terminator write ups I say there's only one non franchise film in the top ten, while there's still one more to come. Sorry!

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