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E3 2014 Nintendo Conference Thread: June 10th Treehouse Now Live


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They should release Wii Sports 3.

They already have more or less, drip fed at £7.99 per individual pre-existing sport (2 for 1 with baseball and boxing though, when they get round to releasing them!). Releasing the lot on one disc for £20 probably would've been a more useful idea.

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I'm pretty excited about the Nintendo direct conference thingie. Since Twilight Princess I've not been terribly excited about Zelda games but maybe that'll change once I see it. I'm mostly hoping to see some new stuff. I also fully expect to be disinterested in the NFC figurine stuff right up until the point where they show a Captain Falcon one or something.

I'd be very happy with a few cheeky upscaled gamecube games. That does seem to be this new gen's main strength.

...Ultra Street Fighter IV Wii U? :(

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C'mon Nintendo - dim the lights, pour in the smoke, crank up the bass....Starfox, Metroid, F-Zero, Waverace, Pilotwings, Advance Wars....Zelda!


We're just gonna get "Wii Music U" and "Pan Pipe Relax U" aren't we :(

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Any way to watch this 'live' on the Wii U itself? My Macbook charger is locked in my gf's flat :(

I noticed a 'Nintendo @ E3' app on the dash which tries to link to eshop, but I get an error code whenever I try to launch it. No sign of anything similar when searching from eshop either.

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it needs something to waft away the smell of doom that accompanies it.

It just needs more games to continue to draw people in. Look at the Mario Kart thread - how many people have posted "So I got a Wii U - all that bad stuff is true, it's really disappointing"? Not many, if any, and generally once people get their hands on one the mental stuff they had in their heads tends to get overrun by the realisation that it's actually a decent bit of hardware with some decent stuff to play on it.

If they can carry some of the momentum from Mario Kart forwards they stand a chance of at least salvaging something from this gen.

Not that I really care - I have one, I'm enjoying it. Go me.

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does anyone think we might see a design refresh on the Wii U?

How though? It's not like the console could be shrunk down much into a mini version - it's small enough already. And they're not going to remove the controller.
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Not seen this here or in the Ubi thread and it's a bit hard to work out what's going where.... anyway, Ubisoft holding back a Wii U game until some people buy the machine.


Sensible I suppose but it's a bit chicken and egg, I guess they're hoping or assuming or knowing there actually are going to be reasons beyond MK8 and smash Bros to get many people buying though?

That shows how fucked up the games industry is.

Yeah, it sometimes happens with films (wasn't Gravity stuck on a shelf), but to shows how small a release window games now have before people either forget about then or they're bargain bin SEGA jobs.

Ironically, unlike Nintendo games that mostly seem to keep their prices for the console lifespan, unless they're re-released.

It's becoming like DVD sales!!

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