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E3 2014 Ubisoft Conference Thread: June 9th 11:00 PM BST


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Be a cool cat and join the Rllmuk Steam chat! How to do it:

1) Open Steam and click on "Community".

2) Where it says "Find people", enter "Rllmuk" into the box and press return.

3) The second result should be a public group titled "Rllmuk (Rllmuk)". Just beneath it there is a link that says "X in Group Chat". Click it!

4) Begin masturbating furiously in communal videogame glee.

Last year I posted these instructions loads in threads and attracted waves of negs for it - just chill out this year? I'm just posting because it's easy to miss.

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All this forced swearing feels like someone trying to act hard at the school disco.

Actually I think she's just playing it 'real', off the cuff. She's very relatable, and is one of the main reasons I'm watching the Ubi conference.

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