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Homefront: The Revolution

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3 hours ago, yashiro said:

Try the affinity trick. 

Boot the game.
Once running, open Task Manager and select "Set Affinity" for the game process.
Disable all CPU cores except one, and accept.
Repeat the process, but re-enable all CPU cores.


Had a go but no joy. Thanks anyway 

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Just bumping this thread cos I'd recommended this in the Far Cry 5 thread and I don't want to derail that any further!.


It's had recent updates for PS4 Pro and for One X so could be worth a pop! On PS4 you have to enable HDR in the visual settings, not sure about Xbox/PC.


It's about £7 - £8 on disc, still quite expensive (£25) on PSN though. It's also on Game Pass if you have that.


I encountered what I think was a bug on the third or fourth area - there was an outpost that you can to try and free but you can only do that after clearing out all the enemies (you have to activate a computer inside the building), but the enemies just kept respawning so that there were always at least three of them. If you try and activate the computer it just tells you to clear out enemies.


Anyway what I did was 


distract the enemies so that they walked outside of the walls of the outpost. This made the icon above the outpost spin (I think?) and I could then sneak past and do the do.


Also I couldn't work out how to switch to the proximity / RC versions of the grenades. Apparently it's R1 but I haven't actually tried that yet.


I'd recommend giving the game a punt. Anything that has the line "Get over here there's norks everywhere" can't be bad.


I'm playing the game on Easy and I was fine up until the fourth or fifth area and now I'm getting fucked over trying to liberate bits of the area instead of going for the proper mission objective which is


getting to the monorail


But then I'm pretty shit. 

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There's a 4k port of Timesplitters 2 hidden inside this.



The code to access it was lost but it's been found again, to use it "In the mission “Small By Name…”, once you enter the safehouse you're looking for, take the nearest set of stairs up and go all the way to the back. The arcade machine will be there. Use the codes provided in the tweet above on the level select screen in the game."



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