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Mario Kart 8 - online games


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Many thanks to Johnny just now for some good games. Plenty of triple red shell duelling going on and nice sneaky mushroom across the snow to clinch the win on Wario Mountain at the end!

So unfair! / Hooray!

999 post protip, powerslide left as soon as you hit the water in Donut Plains 3 :hat:

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Heh, who were you? Ggs tonight

It's in my sig.

I played yesterday lunchtime vs global randoms and won 10 in a row. A few 2nds and a couple of 3rd/4ths. Rllmuk tourny... barely get around the first half of a course without being shafted. Even Rev Stu beat me.

It's way more fun than playing randoms though and it's like extreme training.

I haven't enjoyed online gaming like this since Halo 2.

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Ha! I played a lot this afternoon/evening as there kept being people to race against. My eyes are bleeding though, yes, as I was mostly playing on the gamepad screen. When you're old and longsighted like me, then it all starts to blur out eventually! Good exciting games though...

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Some good games earlier. I was doing really well on Electrodome, coming to the end in second. And then someone launched a blue shell, and I wondered if it would get to hit whoever was in first before they reached the finish line.

That didn't matter ...

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Some good games last night - especially since I came 2nd and 3rd in a couple, and went from 8th to 4th on the final straight using a mushroom!

Didn't mean to neg you sorry, blame my phone ...

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