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Final Fantasy Taticts


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So im just playing FF taticts for the first time and i come across this little quote from the game, this is where they are in marches room or w/e looking through that book

"ok if you could make any game real which would it be"

"it would have to be Final Fantasy, that game rocks"

u reckon they might be trying to say something there?

more talk and impressions later:P

- Kamatari

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Your thread misspelling has lead to a brilliant branding idea:

Final Fantasy Tictacs

I always call it FF Tictacs to myself :blink: but then my mind works in a silly way, making wordplay all the time.

OT: I wish they would sell orange and lime tictacs anywhere near me, there's only those mint ones in all the shops.

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Guest Penguin_Lad
Ha ha ha are you talking about Fearne Britten rather than Fearne Cotton from Disney Club? (Diggit) :blink:


Fearne Cotton is such a nice lady in real life, very down to earth and very bubbly. She even likes games.

It was a poor joke, but one worth pulling out.

What games though? I'm always suspicious of girls who likes games :lol:

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Playing FFT-A at the moment... just over a third of the way thru' with 105 missions under me belt :blink:

Why is it nearly 99% of the missions require items you can't even obtain?!? Grrr.... beef jerky anyone?

Don't worry about that. Later on you will have it coming out of your ears as some missions repeat.

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Guest shinythings
Ninja skills rock, though (with a bit of Fighter and Paladin mixed in!)

Definitely! The dual weapon thing rocks.

I've got Marche at level 36 with an attack power of well over 500 using the two best Blades in the game. He's mainly been a fighter with excursions into Soldier, Thief for Counter and Ninja for the wonderful dual wield skill.

70 hours down, hopefully it won't take much longer to finish the story missions, I can't be bothered with the remaining 70 or so missions.

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The PS1 one was better, because of the 'best equipment' facility for one thing. It's really a chore to find out what's the best equipment available to each of your team members as you have to buy stuff and try it on and take it off etc for each character and note the stats each time, while in the PS1 version you could just 'use best' and it would do it for you, plust the shop gave you an indication as to whether the item would increase or lower a particular person's stats when you were buying it in the shop.

I never completed the PS1 version, I think I nearly got the second zodiac stone (the one after Aries) but it took me so long soo soo long to get there (20ish hours) that I thought bugger this if there's another 10...

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I must say that in essence I like the game quite a bit, but it suffers badly from the extremely annoying way you equip items/weapons. Furthermore, it's a real chore to find a suitable weapon to buy for a certain character.

That's probably the reason why I don't play it much anymore.

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Every RPG should have a 'Best Equipment' option or at least show you what goes up and down.

I got very close to finishing the PS version (I think I was doing the Deep Dungeon thing last time I played) but I'd enjoyed playing it so much I didn't want it to end.

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Been playing this for a bit but then lost out badly at some major battle so leaving it now so I can level up a bit more.

It's a nice game, pretty entertaining, though I find that advancing on the map and then getting caught by a wandering Clan...for the hundreth time. Also the 'Save Place Name' missons can sometimes get in the way especially when it's just the same set of enemies.

That said I have been enjoying it and will hopefully continue to when I pick it up again.

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