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Grim Fandango Remastered (PS4, Vita, PC, Mac, Linux)


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I will admit, when the letter was being read out, this wasn't this game I was hoping for.


Still chuffed though, as I only played through Grim Fandango the once, so I've forgotten a lot of it.

Totally but while this is great news, the really great news is that Disney was willing to do the deal. They could just so easily have left the Lucas back cat to drop or charged obscene prices to make this happen. This proves they understand they bought more than Star Wars and thus massively increases the chances we'll get DOTT.

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Ok, so I'll be having this - I imagine it'll be a great fit on the Vita. Hopefully it's cross-buy, I'd like to see it fullscreen on PS4 as well.

Only played the first up the end of the first chapter, had to reformat my PC and never went back to it. Lovely game.

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This is the best news. Can't wait to finally play this all the way through (stupid buggered disc 3 :( ) on Vita. That said...

In a deal between Double Fine and Disney - who purchased Grim Fandango developer LucasArts - the beloved point-and-click adventure is now coming exclusively to PS4 and Vita, Sony announced during its E3 press conference

Apart from some slightly weak bits like the whole beaver dam area it is easily my favourite point n click.

Grim Fandango isn't a point and click adventure! It can be patched into a glitchy version of one these days, and maybe the remake will be, but otherwise it's an adventure notably devoid of either pointing or clicking, controlling instead like one of the old Alone in the Dark/Little Big Adventure/Resident Evil games, which is by far the most annoying trait of its nature as an early move to 3D adventuring.

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