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Which games sold you consoles?


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Looking at the E3 round ups and seeing what new games were announced, realising there was still nothing that grabbed me enough to jump into the next generation yet- but it got me thinking about games before that did do that.

Ten minutes playing Goldeneye convinced me to get a N64, while Driver's director mode sold me on a PSOne.

A combination of GTA3 and Pro Evolution Soccer got me onto the PS2, with Halo for the Xbox. I bought a Gamecube because of the Perfect Dark sequel (which, of course, never happened on the GC- but for Perfect Dark was one of the greatest gaming experiences I'd had - especially multiplayer with bots in slow mo, two guns only, suits... total John Woo simulator) and by the time the sequel did happen it wasn't enough to sell me on the idea of a 360.

Those Dead Rising trailers were however- all those zombies in the tunnel, Frank on the top of the truck... Held off on a PS3 until last year, but then Last of Us happened...

So what games convinced you to buy a new console? And did anybody actually enjoy Perfect Dark Zero..? :(

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Wii Sports sold me a Wii. And I don't care what the naysayers say. It was, and is, an incredible game. The drunk post pub nights playing bowling, tennis or even golf with my housemates were some of the greatest game experiences of my life.

The multigame promotion sold me a 3DS. Donkey Kong and Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing AND Monster Hunter!

Super Mario 3D World sold me a WiiU

The 360s interface become an advert filled unresponsive mess almost sold me a PS3 on it's own but journey did the rest.

Oblivion sold me a 360 and I hated the game, but fell in love with the Live Arcade.

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Halo on Xbox, and that Star Wars game for the Gamecube were prime examples of me splurging out vast sums of cash to pick up imports, but I think the majority of the time I've not bought on launch I think. I suspect it's because I've always had a PC on the go at the same time, so was able to hold fire until a bit later.

However, it's easier this time around - PS4 will be bought as soon as Last of Us remastered comes out, with the knowledge that Uncharted 4 is next year. Never been so utterly sold on a games company before Naughty Dog. Even Lucasarts in their prime can't match the love I have for ND's games (and I'm including the Jak and Daxter games in that too).

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I can't quite remember, but I think it was Wonderboy 2 that sold me a Master System... I remember coming home from my friend's house that day and saying to my mum and dad that that's what I wanted for Xmas! :)

Super Mario World on the SNES, just knew I had to get one when that came out.

Gran Turismo on PS1, the Edge 10 review, just had to get my hands on my own PS1 after that.

Mario 64 on the N64, friend had an import version and I was itching to get one for that game alone.

Wii for Wii Sports, natch.

Other than that, I've just kind of stumbled into console ownership, not really driven by the games available. Gamecube I got as a present. GBA SP we (my wife and I) got on a whim while in Game in Debenhams, DS I got because of the SP, 3DS I got as a present. PS2 I got because I saw a slim cheap and thought why not? PS3 I got... can't remember now, think my wife might have bought it for me (But as soon as I did get it, I went out and bought Burnout Paradise - had been itching to play that game for months, and the scratch did not disappoint!).

Oh, and I got a Vita because of a plethora of games from PS+

Not got WiiU, XB1 or PS4 yet. Although WiiU is tempting me the most at the moment, am happy to wait on the other two for the games to come.

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Street Fighter 2 - SNES

Super Mario 64 - N64

Various Jap Shmups and other 2D arcade conversions - PS1, PS2

Original XBOX ... I bought this on an impulse because I finally had some decent disposable income and thought to myself "it'd be cool to buy another console ... what games do I get with it? Something called Halo? Looks alright I spose ..."

Xbox Live sold me a 360 after I chipped my original Xbox so couldn't play online with it.

Halo 5 will sell me a Bone when it arrives.

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I tend to just get all consoles anyway but there are games that sold me consoles, or made me buy one at the moment I did.

F1 97 absolutely made me buy a PS1. Well I guess really it was the original Formula One which I played at a Touring car race at Brands Hatch earlier that year but it was the release of 97 I was timing saving up for. There's still features in the original Formula One that no bugger has copied, most notably that there hasn't been a single F1 season with the same driver line up at every race, but those early Ps1 games were the only ones to dynamically change who was in the race based on who actually showed up.

The Project Gotham series sold me both my near launch Xbox and launch X360.

F-Zero GX was definitely the point at which I realised I had to have a Gamecube, although the price cut to £79 really didn't hurt there.

And iRacing was absolutely the trigger for my last PC upgrade. And will be again for Oculus.

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Other than Goldeneye, I don't think there has ever been a single game to cause me to purchase a console. Other than the Saturn, Xbox One is the only major console since 1995 that I won't have owned within a year of its launch, and I can't say I've ever regretted buying the others.

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I tend to get most consoles but i used to play a lot of Ridge Racer in the arcade so when it was announced it was coming to this new fangled playstation from those walkman guys i had to have one no matter if it failed or succeeded, my first ever payslip of any note was blown on a playstation package!

I had no interest in an xbox, i had consoles and at the time a pc but then i was off work for a couple of weeks and my mate let me borrow his launch xbox, this was literally just after launch and he had every game that launched - needless to say i only played halo but played it solidly for the entire time and got an xbox!

I guess i got a ps4 to play bf4, had it on ps3 but i had to play 64 player online!

N64 i was going to get as soon as i saw the video of mario 64 on games master, my mate had an import jp one so i played and loved it - the video had sold me and it was only funds that delayed that purchase.

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In most instances it's been weight of numbers with a few standouts but these are the cases where I bought a machine just to play one or two games only with anything else being a bonus.

Megadrive - Hellfire, Madden '92

SNES - Street Fighter 2, Zelda LttP

N64 - Zelda OoT

PS3 - Last of Us

Like I said though, system sellers are near irrelevant to me now, with Last of Us being a bit of an an anomaly really. If I can't pick something up on another platform I've got so much to play I can wait anyway, it's not really the same as when I had to save up pocket & paper round money for months and months to buy that game, that machine I was desperate for.

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The only console I bought that I had no intention of buying because of a single game was the N64, after seeing Zelda OOT being played by a friend. Although it helped that you culd buy a N64 for about £100 at the time.

These days no single game would make me buy hardware.

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Mario 64 sold me a N64
Uncharted 2 sold me a PS3
Wonderful 101 sold me a Wii U
A Link Between Worlds sold me a 3DS

Nothing sold me a current-gen console yet, though it's only a matter of time with titles like Scalebound and Bloodborne on the way, Might be 2015, unless TLoU itch is catching up with me again.

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GB = Nemesis


PS1 = Doom

GBC = R-Type DX

PS2 = PES2

N64 = SM64


Xbox = Halo/PGR


360 = Condemned

PS3 = blu-ray(!)

DSlite = brain training

Jag = AvP

Wii = Wii Sports

PS4 = Driveclub...

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Street fighter 2 sold me a snes

Tetris sold me a gameboy

Goldeneye sold me an n64

Wipeout sold me a ps1

Advance wars sold me a gba

Quake 3 sold me a ps2

Halo sold me the xbox

Dead rising fold me the. 360

Mk8 sold me a wii u

Nothing is selling a ps4 or bone yet

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I bought a 360 for Oblivion, because it was cheaper than buying a new PC for Oblivion. Aside from that, no game has ever sold me a console. I wanted a PS2 for Vice City but got a free PS2 so didn't need to buy it, so that doesn't count.

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My first big OOOOH moment was spotting Streetfighter 2 being played on a Snes import at a computer show in Brum.

(I'd only recently been playing it in the Arcades and was so suprised to see it running i almost fainted)

I'll be totally honest, i didnt even know what a Super Nintendo was(!) as i was heavily into my Amiga.

regardless, I bought Streetfighter 2 and a convertor on sight. And then immediately brought the Super Marioworld Snes Pack. - And was blown away by Mario as well :)

previously i'd only seen the NES running Mario in Boots the Chemist while out shopping in town, but didnt pay much attention to it at all. Stupid me.

From there-in of course, i got into console gaming big time.

My mate was more savvy than me and he was dabling with the PC Engine. Oh! and of course that was like SEX compared to most of the stuff on offer.

R-TYPE did it for me on that machine. I still have my dearly loved PC Engine as well.

The only console i skipped a generation was the N64. I dont think thats so criminal is it?

( I have played Mario 64 extensively on a mates machine)

As for the Saturn and Playstation Virtua Fighter / Ridge Racer were more than enough to make me buy them.

Oh yes, and seeing Samurai Showsown running on the Neo-Geo secured one of those.

The Dreamcast was a natural progression from the Saturn. Virtua Fighter and Soul Calibur baby!

GTA3 Sold me and millions a Playstation 2.

Xbox - wise, i was very reluctant in buying an Xbox at the time because a lot of the early stuff was Shite.

Believe it or not, Midtown Madness 3 sold me an Xbox! ( we are long overdue a new one i reckon )

The Nintendo Gamecube was just an exciting prospect for me having skipped the N64. It was time for Nintendo Love.

Playstation 3 was a weird one. I eventually bought one but i fucking HATE that piece of shit machine.

Everything bar the Blu Ray was wrong about it...and thats why the Xbox 360 won me over.

that kind of brings us full circle to 2014. - I think the Xbox is currently a bag of shit.

The PS4 has promise. - in fact the selling of the machine sold it to me ratrher than any of the games! ( thats how well they marketed it )

and.. drumroll... Ive literally just purchased a Wii U with Mario Kart 8 of course.

so like a coin, its all flipped. Sony and Nintendo are kings again :o

EDIT: Hand-Held wise Gameboy was new and exciting so i got one, and purely because of the inset allegiance ive bought every other Nintendo handheld.

NEO GEO colour was purchased because of Neo Turf Masters ( which i still play )

The PSP again was new and exciting so i have one of the first machines. Not bothered with a Vita yet.

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Ps1 - Resident Evil

Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure

Xbox - Jet Set Radio Future

PS2 - Vice City

GBA - Mario Kart

GameCube - Monkeyball

DS - Mario 64

360 - Literally nothing, I just wanted it because it was new. My only game was Perfect Dark Zero for a while.

PS3 - Uncharted/3D Dot Game Heroes (arrived late to the party with this one)

Xbone - Dead Rising 3

3DS XL - Animal Crossing New Leaf

TBA (Q3 2014) Wii U - A lot of good shit

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SNES: Street Fighter II

N64: Mario 64, Wave Race 64, Turok

Dreamcast: Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (It looked amazing back then on a demo pod!), Power Stone and when I first saw Soul Calibur demo'd at our local Game.

PSone: Ridge Racer, Destruction Derby, Battle Arena Toshinden

PS2: MGS2 Demo, Tekken Tag and SSX

Gamecube: Super Smash Bros Melee, Rogue Leader

Xbox: Capcom vs SNK 2 Online

Xbox 360: Dead Rising, COD2, PGR3

PS3: MGS4...hated it, then rebought one for God of War III

Xbone: Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3

Wii U: Mario Kart 8

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