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Which games sold you consoles?


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SNES - Super Mario World

N64 - Mario Kart 64

Dreamcast - Big Savings!

Gamecube - Nintendo

PS2 - Metal Gear Solid 2

Xbox - The fuss around Halo and then the release of Halo2 pushed me over the edge.

DS - Nintendo

Xbox 360 - Halo3

Wii - Nintendo

3DS - Nintendo

3DSXL - Nintendo

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Playstation 3 was a weird one. I eventually bought one but i fucking HATE that piece of shit machine.

Everything bar the Blu Ray was wrong about it...and thats why the Xbox 360 won me over.

I think I'm the opposite of that- after buying a couple of 360s- and suffering through red rings of death, issues with console noise, the cluttered front end- I bought an PS3 last year and was impressed at how simple and sleek it was- easy to use the store, navigate the menus, bluetooth headset and controller work great.

What what it about the PS3 that made you think the machine was a piece of shit?

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Playing Link to the Past around my mates sold me my first console, a SNES. Xmas they came out in the UK, got the mario land pack with Zelda with my xmas money.

Tetris sold not me, but my mum on buying a gameboy for my xmas the year they came out. 89? I guess that was my first console, but iirc it was after the SNES.

N64, PS1 n PS2 bought at launch without trying anything. But I was really hyped for Mario 64.

Perfect Dark Zero sold me a 360. Biggest letdown ever in gaming? Possibly.

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What what it about the PS3 that made you think the machine was a piece of shit?

For the majority of games you had to wait for the console to update itself all the time!

The online experience was shaky.

And many cross platform games were slightly better ( Imo remember! ) on the 360.

And mainly ... updates updates and more updates.

i thought a lot of the exclusives were dodgy too. Games like Haze for example.

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GBA: Advance Wars (the only game I bought for it...)

PS2: Devil May Cry (the only game ever I completely S-ranked, ICO was already in the back of my mind, too)

PSP: WipeOut Pure (my eyes were bleeding & I had the cash, so...)

PS3: Motorstorm (the best in the series)

PSVita : LBP, but Escape Plan & Motorstorm RC complemented it nicely

PS4: No man's Sky, by the looks of it...

BTW: the descision to stay with Playstation has been vindicated over & over all along these years. If I had bought additional platforms, I might have ruined myself & lost focus.

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Master System/Mega Drive - Sonic

N64 - Mario 64

360 - Live's capabilities and Perfect Dark Zero/Kameo/Second coming of Rare

PS3 - Playstation Plus (well, and the Blue Super Slim did look nice too, to be fair) Edit: Ridge Racer 7 was the first game I bought for it, though.

That's about it, really. Anything else has been a fan purchase, aka I didn't need to be sold on a Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS4 and so on to know what I'm getting. To actually be wowed by a console manufacturer you didn't know much about is a special moment I doubt I'll be feeling again anytime soon.

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Super Mario Bros sold me on the NES and since then I've bought almost every Nintendo console.

I bought an Xbox for Halo 2 having really enjoyed the first game online with friends. Totally caved with the hype during launch week and bought the console and game on the way home form work one day. Xbox Live Multiplayer with voice chat was such an amazing thing at the time. I got a 360 for Street Fighter 4 and thought I'd get Halo 3 while I waited but the the series had already lost its spark for me and I found it all incredibly dull.

I definitely wanted a Vita for games like Everycunt's Golf and Wipeout and, to a lesser extent, Persona 4 but it was very much an existing PSplus sub that tipped me over the edge. And indeed led to a PS4 in turn (which currently has no games I really want until Guilty Gear Xrd).

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SNES - SF2 (Like everyone else here it seems)

Playstation - Extended play sessions of Twisted Metal round a mates house plus DEM GRAFIX (The TRex on Demo 1!)

Dreamcast - Seeing Sonic Adventure in motion, my first (and last) Sega console.

PS2 - GTA 3

N64 - OoT

Cube - Wind Waker

Xbox - A number of games, I was late picking one up in fact Halo 2 was just coming out and i remember buying stuff like Jedi academy, Riddick and Max Payne 2, good times.

Wii - Twilight Princess

360 - Crackdown, Dead Rising and Oblivion.

PS3 - Nothing, I lost love for Sony because of the 360 but it was a gift that quickly became my Blu Ray player! I am still catching up on the classics.

Xbone - Dead Rising 3

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For me it was rinsing Virtua Fighter on a demo pod saturn at my local Silica (http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/big/1047/Silica-Computers-and-Video-Games/), though my parents got me a Playstation for Christmas 1994 and then returned it for a saturn when they saw how much I was playing that game.

Though I can't help thinking I would have avoided many years of abuse at the hands of PS owning bastards at school had they not.



Dreamcast: Soul Caliber

Xbox: WWE Raw

Gamecube: Wave racer (and because it was £99)

Xbox 360: Gears of War

3DS: Bit trip runner

Wii U: Mario Kart

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Mega Drive - Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow Dancer

Saturn - Sega Rally, Virtua Fighter 2

N64 - Super Mario 64, Goldeneye

PS2 - Gran Turismo 3, Extreme G-3

Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure, Sould Calibur

Xbox - Halo, PGR

Gamecube - Rogue Squadron, Luigi's Mansion

Xbox 360 - Crackdown

Wii U - Super Mario 3D World

3DS - Fire Emblem: Awakening

Vita - Persona 4

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Game Boy: Super Mario Land. What fun on a little machine!
Super NES: Super Mario World. So far much better than the crappy platform games on the Amiga, it was astounding.
Nintendo 64: Would've bought the console anyway, but playing Super Mario 64 for 5 minutes on a demo pod in Toys R Us sealed the deal.
Game Boy Color: Had gotten an US import Pokémon Blue and wanted a better machine to play it on than my original Game Boy.
PlayStation 1: Gran Turismo based on graphics, but sadly it turned out to be as tedious as fuck to actually play.
Game Boy Advance: Playing an import copy of Mario Kart Advance at a friend's house pushed me to buying a GBA that weekend.
GameCube: Playing a few minutes of Rogue Leader and Luigi's Mansion on a demo pod, couldn't believe how much better the graphics were than the N64's.
PlayStation 2: No specific games, but the PS2 had just come down in price and I wanted to play the third-party games that I couldn't get on the GC.
Nintendo DS: Super Mario 64 DS, on a demo unit in GameStation. 3D games on a handheld?!
Wii: Twilight Princess. A new Legend of Zelda, as a launch game!
PlayStation 3: I wanted a Blu-ray player, and Ridge Racer 7 looked rather incredible.
PS Vita: Persona 4 Golden, probably.

I bought the 3DS and Wii U at launch with no games in mind, more with the thought of what was to come.

I think honestly, most of the Nintendo consoles after the Game Boy and Super NES I would've bought anyway, but seeing certain games in action at the right time and place brought about the purchases sooner.

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Goldeneye - N64.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica - Dreamcast

Super Monkey Ball - Gamecube

Halo - Xbox

Perfect Dark Zero - Xbox 360

Wii Sports - Wii

Zombi U - Wii U

Resident Evil Revelations - 3DS

Mario Kart Super Circuit - GBA

Everything else has been bought for more than one game.

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Left4Dead on Xbox 360. I had a Wii before that and after finishing Metroid Prime I was so bored of gaming I drifted away completely. Remember reading about people playing the demo of L4D on here and it sounded so amazing I literally bought a 360 just to play it. That game re-kindled my love affair with gaming and I've not really looked back since.

Strangely I never got that in to L4D2, but I'm pretty excited about Evolve, hope it lives up to the hype.

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DC: nothing specific, but since it came and went so quickly they were available quite cheap so I figured it'd be a step up from the PS1 we had received as an Xmas present...

PS2: Rez, I think. I had dabbled with it before on the Dreamcast, but that was a borrowed copy and by the time I got my own DC it was harder to find copies of the game. I still prefer the PS2 version though since it seemed a little less prone to slowdown and I liked the controller more.

GBA: Probably one of the Super Mario Advance games...

Xbox: Burnout 3, because I was hugely late to the sixth-gen party (EDIT: okay the DC was sixth-gen but still) and my friend at college was telling me how great it was...

360: again, nothing specific, but I had just managed to save a decent amount of money again and felt like treating myself. One of the first games I got was Gears of War though.

NDS: Ouendan. In hindsight it looks a bit unpolished compared to the sequel and EBA, but back then it was unusual and interesting enough for me to sell my GBA to get store credit for a DS. Which was a dumb idea because I then had to buy back my old GBA games months later.

PSP: DJ Max Portable, because everyone was saying how great it was. I didn't even get it in the end... well, I got Fever if that counts. That was pretty good fun.

Vita: easily Persona 4 Golden; even though I have it on PS2 it's still one of my all-time favourite games.

I still don't own a PS3 (Amplitude or Persona 5 will tip me over the edge), either Wii (Bayo 2 maybe?) or a 3DS.

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Demon's Souls was one of several games that encouraged me to buy a PS3. Little Big Planet, Katamari, Yakuza and Noby Noby Boy were some of the others.

In the end I didn't like Demon's Souls or LBP :/

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Gran Turismo and FF VII made me get a PS1, my first console after having various home computers and a PC for years.

Test Drive Unlimited made me get a 360. I would have got it eventually, but that's the one which pushed it over the line.

Any other consoles weren't got for any particular games.

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F-zero - SNES

Ridge Racer - PS1

Sega Rally 2 - Dreamcast

I've also owned a PS2,Xbox, PS3, Gamecube, N64 and Xbox 360, These where just a logical progresion of ownership, no one particular game stood out as a must-have obsession like the ones above.

I've kept all of them except the Gamecube and N64, The former because there where just no games I really thought where essential to keep hold of the machine for, the latter was the terrible picture quality it had, and was never a massive fan of the controller.

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I suppose The Last of Us convinced me to get a PS3. Road Rash impressed me enough at the time that I wanted a Megadrive - it was a while though.

I bought a Playstation on a whim because one of my friends at university had one and I was a bit jealous of Resident Evil.

Oh, and I got a Dreamcast because I'd seen a few early shots of MSR in a magazine.

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Haha this should be fun. Anything before the consoles I listed was bought by my parents or older brothers because I was a little young and couldn't afford to buy shit. Although I do remember my brother and I choosing N64 (over PS1) simply because Super Mario.


Final Fantasy XIII (I already owned an X360, and I really didn't like the game at all)

The Last Guardian - No explanation needed

In the end I did get to play some games I really liked and there are still some I would like to play so I don't regret owning one, but as for the reasons I wanted one...


I got one because at the time it had been out for almost 2 years so there were games available that looked interesting. Gears of War and BioShock came to mind plus Mass Effect was releasing soon. Lost Odyssey since it was by the Final Fantasy creator.


More the controls than anything but I wanted to play Twilight Princess on the Wii than GameCube.

Wii U

Not really a game but my brother's girlfriend borrowed our Wii then they moved to Australia for a year (not at the same time.) I had some Wii games I wanted to play and no Wii to play them on, so I thought if I'm going to get another then I may as well get a Wii U.


Again, no game in particular although if there was a game, it would be for another Uncharted. Main reason was that I enjoyed the variety of exclusive games on PS3 and I liked the look of what they have coming as well. Plus Sony was saying all the right stuff as oppose to Microsoft.


Pokemon and Final Fantasy (GBA games)

PS Vita

This one I didn't buy but it was a birthday gift from my brother last year. He gave me the choice of a Vita or 3DS and I decided on the Vita because I missed out on the PSP plus I could get PS1 games as well since I never had one until very late in the cycle.



Bravely Default

I didn't get one until Pokemon came bundled with a 2DS. After a while I liked the look of the 3DS XL better so I ended up trading in my 2DS to get the other.

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PlayStation: Destruction Derby

Saturn: SEGA Rally

N64: Zelda Ocarina of Time

Dreamcast: Phantasy Star Online and Crazy Taxi

PS2: Gran Turismo 3, Tony Hawk's 3 and MGS2

Gamecube: Zelda The Wind Waker

XBox: Panzer Dragoon Orta

XBox 360: Rainbow Six Vegas

Wii: No More Heroes


PSP: Final Fantasy Tactics

Vita: Persona 4 Golden

all my Nintendo handhelds have been bought because Nintendo handhelds are a necessity

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One that does stick out to me is importing a US PSP for WipEout Pure :wub:

I probably would have waited for one otherwise. I loved the PS1 games and WipEout Fusion was shit, so all I wanted was to play that game. Thankfully it was amazing! It laid the foundations for the modern WipEout games and is still brilliant today.

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