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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


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2 hours ago, memories said:

After 25 hours, about 20 shrines and 1 beast I think I'm done with BotW. This game just hasn’t clicked with me at all I'm sorry to say. The last 5 hours of playing has been because after reading the stories and positivity in this thread for the last few months I figured it was me, that I must be missing something in the game but if I'm not finding it after 25 hours and not enjoying it its time to move on.


I have found it all a bit boring to be honest, all the talk of exploration is great but it was just loads and loads of walking and climbing about in nothingness. Its great that they have made a big landmass to play in but did everything have to be so far apart, there was too much down time in between areas.


I don’t know if I was also just unlucky but I seemed to come across load of enemies that would kill me in seconds, that became pretty frustrating as well.


I know it’s been talked about over and over but I found the whole weapon degradation thing just a chore to deal with, in fact the whole inventory management was one of my biggest problems I think. I just couldn’t be bothered having to constantly be jumping in and out of menus dropping somethings to allow me to pick up others or dealing with the food stuff you pick up. I also couldn’t be arsed with the whole changing outfits when you get to different areas stuff either, just more faffing about in menus again.


The shine puzzles were usually good but I got bored with a lot of them and would resort to googling a solution, my gaming time is limited as it is without having to take hours figuring out some of the puzzles, that one is definitely on me though and so I cant fault the game for that.


I don’t know, maybe its me to be honest, I’ve been in a bit of a funk with gaming lately but after reading all the tales I really thought this would be the one to bring me out of that but unfortunately that hasn’t been the case.


I might go back to it someday but I popped the game out and stuck on Lego City Underground though and sat with a smile on my face for the next couple of hours, maybe I'm just after something with a little less thought these day.


I had a similar problem with the game for the first 5 or so hours. I think I went the 'wrong way' and ended up trying a major test of strength trial and failing miserably with 4 hearts and shit weapons, getting repeatedly killed by a Lynel and meeting a Hinox and getting battered. 


I hate the Dark Souls games and I felt that Zelda had taken too much inspiration from them. No other Zelda has punished you in such a way for being underpowered. So I genuinely think this is a problem with the game. I was convinced I should be able to beat anyone at any time like Zelda of old. 


My friend told me to just try and open up the other towers instead and get more hearts in easier shrines and eventually go back to them. Which I did. After God knows how many hours, I finally had the right armour, weapons and health to beat them.


So basically if you're used to the Zelda formula of old like I was, I think the game punishes you unfairly early on. 

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7 minutes ago, Majora said:


With those ones, isn't the puzzle usually how you get into the shrine in the first place though?

Sure, but I WANT MOAR. 


Like I just did one on the train this morning that involved climbing a cliff collecting rupees.  It wasn't very taxing!  Gutted that the shrine wasn't really a shrine after that one.   The aforementioned Forgotten Temple was the same.  SADFACE. 

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1 hour ago, dood said:

Condolences man.   If the allure of the adventure into the mysterious unknown doens't grab, then it's clearly not going to do much for you. 


Having to google the shrine solutions seems a bit :unsure: though!  They're not that hard! I don't think I've been in a single shrine for longer than five minutes the whole time I've played!!


Speaking of which, I can't be the only one who gets a bit sad when you open a shrine and it's just like "YOU HAVE PROVED YOUR WORTH BY SIMPLY GETTING HERE, HAVE A CHEST AND A LEVEL UP TOKEN".  Feels like I've been robbed of a good bit of puzzling!! :(

I am gutted about it I have to admit. Your recent posts and enthusiasms have been great to read and I'm sad that I'm not getting that from the game myself.


As for the shrines, again I think it was a bit apathy on my part too. You're right in that the ones I've seen haven't been too hard, other than a Major Strength one I found way too early, but once in them I just couldn't be bothered thinking too much about them, trying various methods etc just annoyed me to be honest. Likely just my own frame of mind at the time.


As @the_debaser says too I think I kind went the "wrong way", I died a heap at the start and felt way underpowered for a lot of my time which didn't motivate me to play more. I did go off to explore other areas and do some more shrines but still nothing was grabbing me.


I'm keeping a hold off it though, I may delve back in at some point.

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Had a 7am Blood Moon when I started playing today, then another one that night. 


Got Epona from the Link Amiibo today :wub:


Found a few more shrines and found the coliseum ruins and wrecked the prick located in there - after a few attempts and abusing the Stasis+ ability :ph34r:


Over 95 hours played now and still quite a lot of the map to uncover. 

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51 minutes ago, Spainkiller said:


Schermafbeelding 2017-06-28 om 18.33.26.png

What's the middle sword? Come to think of it, what's the one on the right as well?


Over 150 hours now and I don't think I've seen either of those!

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Just now, Spainkiller said:

Left: Biggoron Sword, middle: Fierce Diety Sword, right: Sword of Sages.


All are amiibo exclusive. Some goes for the middle bow and the left shield.

Ah, that'll be why I haven't seen them.

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On June 30, the first batch of DLC for Zelda: Breath Of The Wild becomes available.


Both Wii U and Nintendo Switch owners have access to the DLC and the official Japanese website has detailed just how big the file size is for each console.


What’s equally interesting and unclear why is the Wii U version of ‘Master Trials’ clocks in at a whopping 3.7GB whilst Switch players have a tiny 456MB to download.


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I am standing by a tree for a shrine quest that I have no idea how to solve so letting the day pass and fuck me the feels as the light and weather roll on, it was stunning and I was at the point of ultimate relaxation when one of those cunt octorok's appeared behind me and whacked me with its laser guided rock :wub::angry:


edit; OMFG I just worked it out, this bloody game :wub:

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Minor spoilers ahead....





I'm still quite early on in this, but last night found the twin shrines on the peaks. Took me about 20 mins to climb to the other one after I'd figured out the clue. Mainly because of the bastard rain!


After completing them I realised I hadn't found the chest in either of them, I assume all shrines have a booty chest? So tonight i'm going back to them to find the sods.

Loving it, but as @Shimmyhill says, the Ocktorok bastards can do one. 

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Oh, well this changes everything! I had no idea, right will be checking my map later as I can't recall seeing the chest icon next to any of them!. Probably just not paying enough attention truth be told.


Oh I caught a horse yesterday too, and it took me ages to calm him down. After checking his stats, he's pretty rubbish, and hardly worth the effort to tame him. Either way I have stabled him and named him... "Horsetwat".




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3 hours ago, earlymodernsteve said:

That chest icon is useful but doesn't detect chests you've opened and left the contents of. Cue having to ditch a weapon to collect a crap one to then throw away and replace with the one you had in the first place. Minor annoyance but worth mentioning.


Simple solution would be giving more options on the weapon description pop-up when you grab one.  Instead of just the inventory option, maybe a drop/swap option as well.

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While I've got no intention to buy it (I'm probably not even 3/4 through the game), can someone explain how the DLC will work? Costs £17.99, and adds extra quests for the game post-completion? Then there's another DLC pack planned for later in the year which will cost the same amount?

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