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Hyper Light Drifter - 16 bit 'Diablo meets Laputa'

Jamie John

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3 hours ago, wretcherd said:

There is a room in the hub town where you can practice dash chaining, I can't remember exactly but I think it's the same place you purchase the dash upgrades.

I’ve seen that, but don’t seem any better able to practise in there than I am anywhere else in the game. Am I missing the point? The best I ever did was 5! And I’ve not been able to repeat it. 

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When they patched in the 60fps mode it broke a lot of the timings behind the controls which they then never fixed. So things like the dash chain timing window and the input buffering are tied to the frame rate - so you effectively have half the timing window for both of them unless you switch back to 30fps.


It's not great.

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And done. Very frustrating final boss - unlike, say, Metroid Dread, I don’t feel like each failure was teaching me anything. I learned the boss’ patterns an hour ago, but still constantly died thanks to the unreliable controls, his stun-lock attacks and the kinda unfair hit boxes. 

Despite that I really enjoyed my time with it. It’s a gorgeous game to look at, and the music has an eerie, discordant beauty that’s very memorable. 

I can’t say I really understood what was going on, who I was, where I was or why I was doing what I was doing, but that only really added to the joy of exploring the world. The giant, ruined Evangelion-like hulks strewn around were very cool - lots of little hints of faded civilisation, I felt this was very well pitched. 

Overall a great game, slightly let down by the huge difficulty spike at the end. 

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