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Football thread 2014/15 season

The Fox

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Nah I don't believe the poor thing, a lot of fans just lost interest when we were finishing around mid table in the Championship. When we are winning they can all afford it (sold out recently over xmas).

Could be a mix of both - when money's tight no one wants to waste it watching drek - which we've played enough of while we've been in the Championship.

It's just a guess anyway. I'll happily concede to those who live there / go week-in-week-out.

Anyway, it's a great performance and result today. Tomlin was magnificent - what a goal that would have been. It goes without saying really, but I've been very impressed with Karanka ever since he joined us. If he takes us up I hope we get to keep him for a few seasons before someone else comes knocking.

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Helpful that the BBC/Sky made FA Cup MOTD a completely separate programme from regular MOTD so my series link didn't work. Guess I'm watching it in the morning...

I checked first, thought it might be. Shitter than usual bar the games though, I don't mind Jenas but Fowler just seemed like he was pissed from start to finish. Fuck off.

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An interesting thing happened in the Ivory Coast - Mali game on Saturday. The Ivorian Bertrand Bailly had the ball at his feet in defence, and with not much on decided to flick it up and head it back to his keeper, who collected it in his hands.

The result? An indirect free kick to Mali for unsporting behaviour - using "a deliberate trick while the ball is in play to pass the ball to his own

goalkeeper with his head, chest, knee, etc. in order to circumvent the Law".

I've known the rule existed, but I never thought I'd actually see it come into play.

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I dunno, Arsenal Middlesbrough looks a bit good. Definitely potential for an upset there.

Yea it's great draw for us, we can go play with no pressure again and maybe pull off a result. As long as we don't get hammered 5-0 then the confidence won't be dented while we go for promotion.

I'd love to get a ticket but they will sell out straight away no doubt, like Man City.

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