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Football thread 2014/15 season

The Fox

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The sounds of knees jerking over the pitch invasion is deafening. Yes, it was silly but then so was deciding to arrange a game between two clubs separated by less than four miles for 5:30pm on a Saturday afternoon at time of year when the weather is fairly likely to be good. Of course people are going to turn up to the game shitfaced and behave in a way that people who have been drinking all day do. No excuse, but TV have to take some responsibility for their part in it.

True to a point but shit faced people shouldn't be given entry to a sporting event. It's a criminal offence. It's also a criminal offence to enter the field of play.

Also, the West Brom players were exposed to potential risk. There were a good 2000 people on the pitch and someone doing their job - i.e. a footballer or official or a non-playing member of staff - could have been injured or attacked.


More went on than was shown on TV.

"West Brom fans, angered by Claudio Yacob's unjust red card and a second Villa goal from Scott Sinclair, threw several seats they had ripped out on to the pitch.
"The response from Villa fans was that premature pitch invasion, although it should be stressed it was a minority and thousands of their own supporters vented their fury against them.
"It was, in fact, only a minority on both sides but still a poor advert for the game, right down to West Brom sub Callum McManaman reacting angrily to being jostled by Villa fans at the end."
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The stadium built in Brazil's capital city, at a cost of £350m apparently, is now being used as a bus station because there's no other regular use for it.

I don't think anyone saw that coming. I'm sure things will work out ok in Qatar though (albeit Qatar can probably better afford to flush the cost of 10 stadiums down the drain).

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