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Football thread 2014/15 season

The Fox

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Falcao was probably the best striker in the world for a period about 3 years or so ago. The injury he got and then trying to rush back for the World Cup probably means he'll never be the same again. His age doesn't help either.

As a back up to Costa it's not the worse deal in the world but for what it'll cost, you could probably do better.

I suppose Mourinho thinks there's still something there but he looked shot at Utd last season.

Bit of a strange one really.

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So, time now for England's latest foray into knockout football. As this stage hasn't existed before, it's less a case of ...

Ok, it turns out Jacqui Oatley's stealing my bit as I type this. As I was going to say, England have been in the knockout stage of the World Cup every time they've qualified for the tournament. First in 1995, then again in the last two, they've lost to Germany, the US and France respectively. So there's new ground to be broken, and yet as it leads to the last eight, old ground to be maintained.

Yay tournament expansion!

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Or his name, Mykland. ;)

Anyway, onto last night's other game. The sending off really killed it, Colombia lost a keeper who'd made a number of good stops, and when down to 10 just lost the ability to attack the US. Lady Andrade really loves dragging the ball around but that only seemed to be of use to get the ball into the box from the byline, where they rarely found themselves.

I expect China will be no physical match for USA, but if they can keep the ball off them and find some way to create chances, they could spring a result.

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