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Football thread 2014/15 season

The Fox

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Has to be one of the biggest upsets of all time at the Bridge and given the mix of other results, goal fears and late drama - best 4th round ever with a few potential upsets to come tomorrow/Monday.

Next time the FA talk of no replays and playing it all in midweek then today should shut them up.

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Southampton and Swansea out as well remember!

Southampton out as well, so the top three in the Premier League all out and the fourth placed team could only manage a draw against Cambridge.

I'm pretty fucking worried about Arsenal's game tomorrow now :lol:

Dunno, looks like another easy run to retain the cup ;)

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Heskey will score the winner at Anfield today too.

That would be amazing.

I've been raving about Bamford for ages, not surprised that he's scored yet again. Boro are definitely going places though; 2nd in the champ, outplayed Liverpool at Anfield and beat Man City at the Etihad. Maybe City got complacent?

Wouldn't mind an easier draw for the next round, but not really afraid of anybody who is left.

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Bamford is a great finisher without doubt but I don't think his all round play is up to scratch, can see why Chelsea keep loaning him. Fair play to Middlesbrough though, such a strong defence this season. Shame they have no fans.

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I haven't been up to Middlesbrough in years now, but it's a generally poor town. I wouldn't be surprised if people are just plain out of work and broke. We were relegated the same season the recession started too.

This explanation might not fly very well if we win promotion and suddenly everyone can afford to go to the games again. I wish I lived closer as I'd almost certainly have a season ticket myself if I did.

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Best Man City players:

1. Sergio Aguero

2. Yaya Toure

3. David Silva

4. Pablo Zabaleta


46. George Glendon

47. Jordy Hiwula

48. Vincent Kompany

Vinnie getting soundly outperformed by Dedrick Boyata I see, following on from game after game after game of being worse than Demichelis. Makes u think

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Bamford is a great finisher without doubt but I don't think his all round play is up to scratch, can see why Chelsea keep loaning him.

I don't agree with that like.

I actually think our team isn't good enough for him sometimes. He makes some amazing runs and nobody passes it to him, but maybe that's our game plan. If we had someone with a bit of vision and composure, he'd have been well into double figures already with some decent through balls onto goal.

I'm glad Kike scored too because he has the potential to be a force like Michu was in his first premiership season. He's looked abit lacklustre recently but he's got quality footwork and has set up a fair few chances.

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Nah I don't believe the poor thing, a lot of fans just lost interest when we were finishing around mid table in the Championship. When we are winning they can all afford it (sold out recently over xmas).

I think we average 15,000 a season for a 35k stadium but the population is only just short of 150k so it would be hard to fill it each week anyway.

The away support has been fantastic and we are selling out a lot of allocations but it's mainly because we are doing so well. Karanka has got something special going and I feel it's a now or never scenario, we've got to to go up! Via the play off final at Wembley would be nice.

Buzzing with today though what a great result especially as the missus' father is a City fan and really happy for Bradford as a lad I know plays for them.

Edit: the lad I know just text that Jose came into the dressing room and shook all their hands which was a nice touch.

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Ah yeah! Thought he was still at county, I only played against him once of twice at MNF a couple a years ago which now basically means I could beat Chelsea. :D

Back to the thread though, Bamfords all round game has been great for us this season, I dont know if he has came on since his Derby days (Timmo) but he looks a real Talent, I doubt he will be Chelsea standard like but certainly Prem standard in the near future.

Karanka has really got something special going for us, it wont be long till a bigger boy takes him away but hopefully he can get us to the prem first!

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