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Recommend Me The Classic Games For The Snes/md


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I have just bought myself a Pal SNES and MD, although both can play Jap/US games.

My memory isn't what it used to be, so can you recommend some of the great SNES/MD games I should purchase.

Not too interested in the rare games that are actually not very good, just the games that are good enough to play now.


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Chrono Trigger

Secret of Mana

Yoshi's Island

Super Mario World

UN Squadron

Contra III

Final Fantasy VI


Zelda - A Link to the Past

R-Type III


Smash TV


Super Metroid

Super Mario Kart

Super Tennis


Granada X

Gunstar Heroes


Thunderforce III

Streets of Rage 2

Super Shinobi


All absolutely guaranteed to still be loads of fun.

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Yay! someone mentioned Smash TV! Fantastic game, although infuriatingly difficult sometimes. Anyone remember Total Carnage, which was essentially the same game but in a different setting?

Check out my trading folder by the way as I am currently selling quite a few SNES games. :blink:

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If you can find them for a reasonable price, Terranigma, Whirlo and Kirby's Fun Pak are PAL Super NES games that are worth playing.

Kirby SNES games are fun - and rare!

Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, Secret of Mana, Street Fighter II, Super Mario World, Super Mario All-Stars (aww why not), Yoshi's Island and Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past are rated highly in my collection ;)

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Not sure about classics, but here are some favourites of mine:


Killer Instinct

Contra 3

Castlevania 4

Super Mario World (esp. if you are patient enough to play it through to completion; then you will see how great it is.)


Sonic 2

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Oh ho. I see. I remember my friend always had it with him for his Gameboy on school trips and it looked like the same graphics as Snake Rattle and Roll, which I had the Nintendo sticker album sticker for. When we were swapping and that one came up we'd always start shouting "SNAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL danananananana SNAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL dananananana" etc.

Yikes, that reads like a grandpa Simpson anecdote!

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I was always partial to Kid Chameleon on the MD. It's only fall-down was the fact it was a huge game without a save function, so you'll be wanting an emulator that can save your progress (if such an MD emulator exists?).

Super BC Kid for the SNES is a nice platformer too.


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